About The Guru

The Guru Magazine is home to the cutting edge cult reporting of investigative journalist Be Scofield. Her independent reporting has led to the exposing and shutting down of cults worldwide. With over 1.5 million views in the last few years alone, Scofield’s stories have led to widespread media coverage on Dr. Phil, Netflix, VICE, New York Times, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, NY Post, Jezebel, Barcroft, Playboy, The Guardian, CNN, The Daily Mail, the CBC, and more. In 2019 she was profiled in a front-page feature story by Anke Richter for Fair Observer. Her original reporting on a cult called “Love Has Won” was turned into the season premiere of the Dr. Phil show. Netflix’s new series UNWELL had a segment based on her original reporting about Agama Yoga. Scofield is represented by United Talent Agency.

In December 2017 Be Scofield infiltrated Bentinho Massaro’s cult and published an article that went viral called “Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro.” In two weeks it got 200,000 views and 18 days after it was published the guru fled Sedona and went into hiding. One of his followers committed suicide 9 days after the story was published while he was on Bentinho’s week-long retreat. After breaking the story Barcroft TV and VICE each produced short documentaries about Bentinho. Playboy magazine also ran an article about him.

In July 2018 Scofield exposed a rape and sexual abuse scandal at Agama Yoga in Thailand, which led to international press coverage and most recently a segment on Netflix’s new series (Un)Well. Before Agama Yoga collapsed it was the largest yoga and tantra training center in the world. Four days after the original expose was published the founder, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, and the other three accused teachers fled Thailand and went into hiding.

Her pivotal reporting on global spiritual teacher Mooji has nearly 200,000 views and was the first to cover the cult leader. Scofield’s expose on Yogi Bhajan, founder of Kundalini Yoga, helped usher in an era of recognition and awareness about his abuses. Her critiques of modern spiritual teachers Byron Katie and Abraham Hicks have had widespread reach.

Scofield’s articles exposing sexual abuse in the modern tantra scene have reached global audiences and put several prominent teachers into retirement. Her in-depth reporting on a tantric sex cult in Europe called The New Tantra led to prominent Dutch Magazine De Volkskrant running a front-page feature. Scofield has also exposed tantra teachers Andrew Barnes, TJ Bartel, Charles Muir and Shantam Nityama for sexual assault and misconduct.

In June 2020 Scofield traveled to Crestone, Colorado and stumbled upon a cult called Love Has Won. Her subsequent expose led to the group fleeing Crestone for Kauai, only to be heavily protested and kicked off the island. In September Scofield’s reporting on the cult became the season premiere of the Dr. Phil show in a special two-episode launch.