The Kristal Reisinger Series

The Kristal Reisinger Series

Read the new series about the disappearance and death of Kristal Reisinger in Crestone, Colorado. From reporter Be Scofield who first broke the Love Has Won cult story.


PART I: The Death of Dready Brian

PART II: Inside Catfish’s House

PART III: An Angel Disappears

PART IV: The Underworld

PART V: An Old Cabin in the Woods

UPDATE 3/30/2022: Catfish Arrested, Another Rape Victim Comes Forward

UPDATE 9/23/2022: Catfish John found dead in Raleigh, NC

LEAK: Deputy Wayne Clark Fired for “Criminal Extortion”

LEAK: Psycho Baroz Murder Details

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This is an ongoing investigation. Text me at 719-745-4301 if you have any info or email bescofieldreporter @

A year ago I traveled to Crestone, Colorado after hearing the Up and Vanished Season 2 podcast about the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger, known as the “missing mystic.” I had overheard a woman talking about a true crime podcast in a cafe. I shared about my reporting and she told me about the podcast. We both got chills as we talked. As a fellow Scorpio I was intrigued by the mystery surrounding Kristal’s case and her involvement in Tarot and the occult.

Last year, while in Crestone, I ended up finding the Love Has Won cult and became the first to report on the group. I did research Kristal’s case but was primarily focused on the cult.

This summer I returned to the tiny town thinking I’d pop through for a few days to assess what was happening. So much had transpired in regards to the cult. The group fled to Hawaii and were protested off the island. The Dr. Phil show and VICE segment had happened. And then in May “Mother God” aka Amy Carlson died and the group brought her back to their Crestone house.

My planned few-day-long trip turned into a 3-month stay in Crestone where I learned a lot more about the cult and did a deep dive investigation into the death of Kristal Reisinger.

This summer I left where I had been a few weeks earlier than expected and mysteriously landed in Crestone on July 13th, 2021, the exact day of her disappearance five years before. I ended up staying in town and moved into the Mystic Rose Inn and cafe, the building where Kristal used to live and disappeared from. I happened to chat with the owner and we did a work trade. I worked in the cafe for a room upstairs. A few weeks later the owner told me she was switching rooms around and she moved me into Kristal’s former apartment on August 8th (8/8) which someone reminded me was the powerful “Lion’s Gate” portal in astrology.

Working at the Mystic Rose cafe I was able to meet many people with information about Kristal’s disappearance. I fled in October because I was warned it was no longer safe for me in town. I was getting too deep.

Four months after I arrived in Crestone, I’ve now published a series on Kristal’s disappearance. It’s a wild story that includes several overdose deaths, murders, police corruption, rape, meth and heroin use, bizzarre events, underworld criminal activities, cartel involvement, lots of drama and even cannibalism.

Stay tuned as this is an ongoing series…