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Catfish indirectly admits to being involved in Kristal’s disappearance. The underworld drug scene of Crestone and Moffat gets exposed. A woman is found dead who was involved with dark gothic sexually-explicit films in Crestone.

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November 15th, 2021

The most incriminating and significant moment of the Up and Vanished podcast is when Catfish John Keenan responds to host Payne Lindsay who had told him about a guy who messaged asking for $5,000 to reveal what happened to Kristal. Catfish unknowingly admits to having knowledge and information about Kristal’s disappearance.

“I’ve seen a really short video of what they did,” the man tells Payne over Facebook messenger. “I’ll tell you the whole story of what happened, the whole story, because I know what happened for sure. I’ve seen a little video and a voice recording of the last night she was at Catfish’s. I know from what Catfish and…Have told me as well.”

If it wasn’t real information Catfish would have said something to Payne like “I don’t know who that is and I have no idea what he’s talking about,” or “that’s crazy.” Instead, he issued a death threat and says gangsters will be calling the guy to explain himself. Catfish also says he knows that the guy “kills people” and there are “bodies” at his place.

Catfish’s response to the message Payne received:

“I’m strong enough at this point to tell you this: he’s fucking dead if you really take that….well, we know who the next one to go missing’s going to be…Everybody knows I don’t kill anybody. But he does. Hell, I know bodies are where his place at, but I won’t talk. It hurts, because I thought we were friends. No gangsters are coming after me. He does know some scary people. Those same scary people are the ones that want to call to make sure he’s fucking explaining this tomorrow, by tomorrow like tonight, in the next 20 minutes, so if he wants to see tomorrow, it’s … What, 8:00 PM there? He’d better get to thinking. For whom the bell tolls, motherfucker.”

Catfish’s response means in effect this is real information and this guy will be killed if he releases it. It’s crystal clear and it’s extremely damning. Catfish slipped up big time. He indirectly admitted to being involved in the disappearance and death of Kristal Reisinger. He allowed the dark underworld that governed his life to be heard by millions of people; a world filled with guns, drugs, violence, rape and murder. And it was a world Kristal Reisinger was wrapped up in.

It’s extremely damning. Catfish slipped up big time. He indirectly admitted to being involved in the disappearance and death of Kristal Reisinger.

A source told me they were in the room with Robert Pierce and two others when Pierce messaged Payne Lindsay asking for $5,000 in exchange for telling what really happened to Kristal.

A FIRE BURNED HOT AT an abandoned home about 1.5 hours south of Crestone in the town of Lasauses. “Psycho” Adre Baroz and three of his criminal associates stared blankly into the flames in the pit before them. “After they burned the girls, they all took pieces of the meat and ate it,” exclusively leaked documents to the Guru Magazine reveal. “Ponch [said] it was weird at first, that Blaze was puking, and Ponch was eating a sandwhich and it didn’t bother him. According to Ponch the meat tasted like charcoal.”

In November 2020, Psycho Baroz was arrested in Gallup New Mexico with $50,000 worth of meth and heroin on him. Baroz told the authorities he was a drug dealer and had weapons on him to protect him. Psycho is now charged with five murders, including that of 26 year-old Crestone native Zeven Garcia who was killed on October 17th, 2020. He and his brother Isaiah were central to the Crestone underworld drug scene.

According to close sources, Zeven had kept three fingers from the bodies Psycho had killed and stolen one of the burn barrels where bodies had been burned in. He had returned to Psycho’s to pick up meth and heroin and to get paid for having helped dispose of two women’s bodies that Psycho killed. Psycho thought Zeven was going to snitch since he had stolen the burn barrel.

Psycho and his associates “chopped up” and dismembered bodies, placing them into plastic boxes, moved body parts around in vehicles and would burn them. “Psycho was keeping souvenirs, Psycho would keep fingers,” the leaked documents reveal. They also reveal Psycho “playing with” the head of one of his victims. One of the informants told detectives he had learned about Psycho “raping and killing girls.” In 2019 Baroz was charged with drugging a woman with methamphetamines and raping her.

Before killing one of his victims “Psycho asked Gato to turn on a song which he said was his song,” according to the leaked documents. Gato is Psycho’s brother Julius Baro who was also arrested.

The documents reveal the dark underbelly of the Crestone area drug scene.

In mid-2017, Catfish John Keenan’s house cleaner Beth saw Psycho Adre Baroz at Catfish’s house. He was one of several people who stood out as dangerous and alarming to Beth amidst of crew of already sketchy people. “He came on a dirt bike,” Beth told me. “I was intimidated and uncomfortable. There’d be certain guys that would show up and I’d want to leave immediately.” She said she’d often walk into the house and the group of guys would become real quiet all of a sudden.

Beth saw Psycho Adre Baroz at Catfish’s house.

And “within the time-frame” of Kristal’s disappearance, Beth saw Michael Gonzalez aka “Little Mikey” burning blood soaked pants in Catfish’s fireplace.

As reported in Part II of the investigation, “Kelly” told me she was drugged and held at Catfish’s and possibly raped. Kristal Reisinger told her landlord, boyfriend, friend and another that she had been drugged, held captive and raped at Catfish’s house. “Angela” told me she was physically attacked by Catfish and possibly drugged. Beth also described how Catfish showed her a video on the dark web of a woman being tortured. And Kristal found “disgusting and incriminating photos” at Catfish’s house.

In 2019 Catfish was charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon Serious Injury” and methamphetamine possession in his hometown of Raleigh, NC.

MATTHEW ESPINOZA AKA BULLET WAS a “runner.” Runners transport drugs for dealers and are paid in extra drugs or cheaper drugs they can sell at a profit.

“Morgan” was deep in the Crestone/Moffat drug scene and knew Psycho. They told me Espinoza would bring large quantities of drugs to Moffat resident Marty Shellabarger who was described as a “central figure” in the local drug scene. “Marty had an ounce of meth just sitting on the coffee table and he had more elsewhere,” Morgan told me. They said an ounce of meth was worth around $1,000 at the time.

Espinoza’s latest Facebook profile shows he moved to Sinaloa, Mexico, home of the most powerful cartel in the world. One of his friends on the platform who also lives in Sinaloa can be seen with a high powered automatic rifle, radios and handguns. This individual is friends with other cartel members, including one who describes himself as an “Asesino a sueldo” or “hired murderer.” He posts photos and videos of himself in caravans of hundreds of armed men wearing ski masks.

A search through Espinoza’s Facebook friends show’s he is friends with Psycho Baroz, Catfish, Myron Martinez (killed by Psycho) and Isaiah Garcia (Brother of Zeven).

Authorities report that the Cartel is operating in Colorado, particularly Pueblo. Sources told me that Crestone dealers like Nate Maxwell and Zeven were getting their drugs from these Pueblo cartel groups.

“It’s like Marty Shellabarger wanted to be a king pin,” Morgan told me. “So he supplied people with drugs to love him.” Morgan continued. “Marty was in with some rough fellas like Brian Jones…Marty was always very kind to me. He always had my back. But there is another side to him obviously. These people he hung out with some are dangerous, a few are killers.”

Brian Jones was the “dirt” guy. “He made people disappear,” Morgan told me.

“People disappear around the Jones’,” a long-term resident of the area and someone deep in the scene told me. “It’s the scariest most dangerous place I’ve ever been in my life. Scariest group of people. I’ve been held at gunpoint by Brian Jones and shot at while there.”

Morgan described the Brian Jones’ family house in Moffat as the “hub” for meth and heroin before it burned down. “A crew of people would hole up in Brian’s house for months on end. And they’d go back and forth between Brian’s and Marty.” This wasn’t the first time I had heard of several month long drug binge. A friend of the inner circle of Catfish’s told me he was at Catfish’s on a several month long meth binge.

“People disappear around the Jones’…It’s the scariest most dangerous place I’ve ever been in my life.”

One time Morgan went with a friend to buy meth from Brian Jones’ house. “He held a gun to my head for twenty minutes,” Morgan told me. “He was not gonna let me leave until my friend convinced him I wasn’t an informant…He made me do an excessively huge line of meth because he thought I was an informant. He loses his shit incredibly easy. ” Morgan was also forced to strip clothes off to prove they weren’t wearing a wire.

“Brian told this hispanic guy named Lenny, ‘you need to take her to the back.’” Morgan says Lenny held a gun to their head while their friend talked to Brian. “They were debating whether they should kill me and my friend,” Morgan told me. Morgan’s friend was able to talk Brian out of killing them.

On another occasion, Morgan stayed at Marty Shellabarger’s cabin for the weekend. Brian Jones happened to be there. When Morgan’s friend arrived and saw Brian he panicked and pulled Morgan into the back room. “I’ve got to get out of here right now. Brian is here to kill me, I know that he was sent to kill me,” he told Morgan. The friend was at Morgan’s hip the entire time and Brian kept staring at him. Marty finally said, ‘It’s ok you’re safe to go.” Essentially, because the friend was with Morgan his life was spared, Morgan told me. “He left with me because he was with me,” Morgan said.

Brian also showed up at Morgan’s workplace years later with two people, one who looked like a “ghoul,” they told me. “The three of them didn’t speak the whole time, they just glared at me,” Morgan said. “I was so uncomfortable that I went to the back and I told my manager, ‘I’m not gonna come back after tonight.’ It freaked me out. I know him. He’s incredibly violent.”

“Brian messaged me for heroin and I’d been clean for three years,” Morgan said. “He said ‘aren’t you that cunt I had tied up that one time?'” Morgan said he had confused them with someone else.

Brian Jones was arrested in 2014 with three other men for string of robberies that netted, “TV sets, fuel, firearms and ammo.”

Tim Benson was the “pill” guy. “He had suitcases amounts of pills,” Morgan said. “You could buy anything from him.” Another source in the drug scene confirmed Tim was a dealer and always had “tons” of pills on him. “Yep, he always had a bag of pills on him,” he said.

Morgan said Marty was friends with Tim Benson. And another source told me that Marty had been involved in moving pills and would use gun-running routes. “Marty went a lot between Alamosa and New Mexico,” Morgan said. “He and Brian Jones would go to Tres Peidras which is a known hook up site for heroin. It’s cheaper on the New Mexico side for some reason.”

THREE HOMES LINKED TO THE drug scene burned down. Brian Jones’ place, Jonathan Jarvis’, and Bill and Xavier Vestals. Two sources believe Brian Jones’ house was targeted for retaliation. “Psycho was in town the day Brian’s place blew up,” a source told me. Morgan thinks Brian Jones family’s house was marked and destroyed. “Brian’s place was marked because everyone that did drugs was there,” Morgan told me. A few sources described Jarvis’ castle-like building as a “known meth house.”

“Xavier Vestal was a central figure in the ‘underworld at the time,'” Morgan said. He went by “X.” Morgan told me he would send people to buy drugs for him and loan them money to buy drugs so they’d be in his debt. “He’d buy around four grams at a time,” Morgan said and then supply his friends. Morgan did meth with Xavier and the crew at Xavier’s house. Those who worked for Xavier he’d supply with prostitutes and drugs. “One time they drove up to Denver and Xavier bought meth, a hotel room and ordered prostitutes.”

Central Figures in the Crestone/Moffat Underworld When Kristal Disappeared

TOP: Brian Jones, Xavier Vestal, Matthew Espinoza, “Catfish” John KeenanBOTTOM: Nate Maxwell, Zeven Garcia, “Psycho” Adre Baroz, Tim Benson, Marty Shellabarger

Xavier would give his father Bill around 1/4 gram of meth for the night to smoke, Morgan said. “Let’s say Bill has 1,000 Crystal Stix orders, he’s using meth to keep working. Xavier did say he was worried cuz Bill was liking meth too much.”

“Many of these people hung out with Xavier and smoked meth,” Morgan said. “All of them were not bad kids at one point, they did drugs as a recreation. It was not until they started messing with needles and none of them have been the same since, everyone, totally different people.”

Several Love Has Won members had stayed at Bill Vestal’s house by the time it burned down in 2019. The fire exploded the propane tank sending it flying 800 ft. away. The cult sold his Crystal Stix, a circus-like flow toy. And when Jason Castillo aka “Father God” was arrested for burglary in South Florida it was at one of Bill Vestal’s homes.

A photo of cult leader Amy Carlson with what’s called “meth teeth” indicates likely having used meth. Her Love Has Won cult was closely associated with known meth users. A source in Crestone told me he used to sell Amy and the group ecstasy and other drugs many years ago.

“I knew someone who used to hang out with Bill and blast [BHO] with him,” a former neighbor told me. “He said Bill wanted to do meth with or around him and he was like ‘no way’ and stopped hanging out over there.”

“That whole thing is like Tiger King,” a source told me. “Bill and them really believe in the powers of those Crystal Stix and there was just so much weird stuff that went on. One time Bill was strung out on meth and he wrapped his marijuana plants in diapers.”

I’ve also learned about powerful “Redneck Mafia” type families in the area with shady pasts. And the cartels operate in the area. If not Tiger King, it sounds like an episode of the show Ozark. Then there was the guy who ate several local residents cats. Add in the Love Has Won cult drama and it’d be quite the show.

A member of Love Has Won stands with Xavier and Bill Vestal

The fire at Bill Vestal’s was ruled inconclusive but an inner source told me that Bill, Xavier and the family believe Love Has Won’s Jason Castillo aka “Father God” caused the fire. They said he was upset over Bill and Janet Vestal kicking him out of their home in Florida. The timing lines up. Jason served six months in jail for the burglarly at Bill’s in Florida and then returned to Crestone in September just weeks before the fire at Bill Vestals.

“The San Luis Valley has been hit hard by the last decade’s uptick of opioid pill prescriptions and cheap supplies of highly addictive heroin,” writes the Colorado Health Foundation.

IN FEBRUARY OF 2018 THE body of 37-year old Brandy Bishop aka Raven was found on the side of a road in Saguache. Her boyfriend “Jo-Jo” Joseph Garcia was physically abusive to her, two people who knew Brandy told me. And she had just broken up with him the day before. Her autopsy states that her boyfriend stole her car and allegedly committed suicide a week later leaving a note apologizing for wrongdoing. Brandy died as a result of a “homicide of undetermined cause,” according to the autopsy report.

But Brandy was “always” in Crestone according to her friend Ruth. And Brandy had struggled with meth problems and was friends with Catfish and his drug circle. She was also friends with Kristal. The morning of the day she disappeared Brandy texted with Ruth saying she was going to get her “up,” which Ruth thought meant meth. Friends still have questions about her autopsy and case.

The night before Brandy disappeared, Ruth was with her in a bar in Saguache. Brandy got a call from a guy Ruth believed to be Catfish. She heard Brandy say, “Hey Cat, I can’t hang right now but I’m down for some cold packing later.” The definition of cold packing is, “To have sex or perform a sex act with a dead body.” According to Ruth, it was common for Brandy to go to the cemetery all night long just for kicks.

“Brandy would always talk about these films she was involved in in Crestone,” Ruth told me. There was a guy who come into Crestone to film and Ruth felt like Brandy was being exploited by him. Ruth said Brandy was getting paid to have sex in weird places like cemeteries and old barns. “She was always trying to get us to do these films,” Ruth said. There was also some type of container, possibly metal, where a make-shift studio was used. “She’d show us some stills from the shoots,” Ruth told me. Ruth described the films as gothic, dark type porn. “I believe that if you scoured that dark web hard enough that you would find Brandy’s videos.” Ruth said Brandy talked to Catfish “regularly.”

Nate Maxwell’s neighbor “Cathy,” told me they referred to his secret basement as the container. Was Brandy involved in films there? Was it the container Brandy referred to? “And Nate would talk about how a friend would come in and they’d film stuff,” Cathy said. She said Dready Brian would hint at the disturbing things that happened in the basement. “You don’t want to buy Nate’s house because you don’t know what’s gone on in that basement.”

Cathy said one time Nate came over wasted and started rambling. “There are things that have gone on in the basement that we shouldn’t talk about, it’s really bad and evil stuff,” Nate said to her. “It’s like these guys had guilt and would confess things to me,” Cathy said.

“The Colorado Bureau of Investigation spent a full day down there, [in the basement], digging around, searching for evidence of Kristal’s body along with Deputy Wayne Clark,” a source with knowledge of the situation told me.

“Somebody was torturing somebody and filming it in the dark,” Catfish’s housecleaner Beth said about the video she saw him watching at his house. He said it was from the dark web, but perhaps it was filmed in Nate’s basement “container.” Perhaps it was Kristal. Beth doesn’t remember the time of when Catfish showed her the video. But was this the video that the guy messaged Payne Lindsay about?

“One night over at the brewery, Nate Maxwell was there, a bunch of the local boys were getting drunk,” a woman who had lived in Crestone told me. “They were outside smoking cigarettes and Kristal’s name came up. They were like, ‘So sad what happened to her getting tortured for days. Boo that sucks,’ and I remember thinking like, ‘What? what are you guys talking about?'”

“They were like, ‘So sad what happened to her getting tortured for days. Boo that sucks,’ and I remember thinking like, ‘What? what are you guys talking about?'”

A source who knows Catfish well told me he recently talked about a video he referred to as “THE VIDEO,” and described it as “THE END OF MY FREEDOM AND LIFE.” They said he still has it and that it is on a Playstation in his Raleigh apartment. Was this the infamous Kristal video that Robert Pierce messaged Wayne about? Was this the torture video that Catfish had shown Beth? That video was too vague to know who it was. This same person saw a photo of Nate Maxwell holding a human skull with a blonde dreadlock wrapped around it. “Having the video and not getting caught is why he believes he is the smartest of all and a master of manipulation. And everyone is a pawn in his world.”

I spoke to agent Gregg Slater at the C.B.I. who now oversee’s Kristal’s case. He was woefully uninformed about the case. He didn’t know who Rodney was, Kristal’s adoptive father. I asked agent Slater if they could retrieve the video and he said they couldn’t, the information was not specific enough. Evidence needs to be specific, recent, substantive and someone must have first-hand knowledge of it. Without that no search warrant will ever be granted he said.

This same person saw a photo of Nate Maxwell holding a human skull with a blonde dreadlock wrapped around it.

This video could be of anything, a woman being tortured on the dark web, Kristal’s death, or some other incriminating video unrelated to these things or there could be no video. Regardless, the CBI and police have zero chance of obtaining any evidence from Catfish without a very recent first-hand eye-witness account of the actual evidence, whatever that may be. It can’t just be talked about or deciphered out of someone rambling.

Agent Slater of the C.B.I. told me to contact Sheriff Dan Warwick with any leads or information regarding Kristal. He said it’s their investigation. I interviewed Dan and Captain Wilson in their office for three hours and they were relatively clueless about Kristal’s case. And it’s been five years since Kristal disappeared and they have not accomplished much. Plus Wayne Clark, who oversaw her case, was fired for criminal extortion and many people told me he failed to act on information about her investigation. The authorities are incompetent and ignorant at best and cannot be trusted to do anything helpful in this case.

In another incident, the young child of a Crestone-native deep in the drug scene was found naked on a bed, being sexually molested by two grown men, who I’m told were in the cartel. “The mother allowed them to give the boy meth and heroin they raped him,” my source told me.

The neighbor Cathy told me she once saw an underage young girl leaving Nate Maxwell’s, walking fast away from the house. She thought it was odd that twenty minutes later Deputy Wayne Clark came by and showed Cathy a photo of the same girl asking her if she had seen her. He said she was a runaway teen.

Catfish recently talked about a video he referred to as “THE VIDEO,” and described it as “THE END OF MY FREEDOM AND LIFE.”

Several people described Nate Maxwell’s house as a center of drug activity and partying in Crestone. “There’d be suspicious activity all night,” Cathy told me. “There were squatters, coming and going all night long.” She referred to the house as a “wild drug circus.” “I was constantly calling the Sheriff but it was usually Wayne Clark.” She said Wayne never did much of anything.

One of Wayne Clark’s good friends who texted with him daily shared a few concerning things about him. He told me about a time that he told Wayne about a fake pawn shop in Alamosa that had been around for awhile. “They never did any business, ever,” the friend said. He scoped it out and it seemed highly sketchy. He told Wayne he thought it was a front for sex traffickers. “The next week after I told him, the place was gone, like it never existed.” There are at least hundreds of cases of human trafficking each year in Colorado.

The Guru Magazine was leaked documents and exclusively reported that Wayne Clark was fired for criminal extortion and fabricating an investigation for money.

Another friend of Wayne’s told me he saw an open baggie of cocaine in his cop car. He was riding in the front seat and noticed it. “What’s that?” he asked. Wayne quickly crumpled up the bag and threw it in the glovebox and stuttered, “oh, uh, evidence.”

“I learned a lot about Wayne and his sense of humor…really dark,” the long-term friend who texted with Wayne daily said. “His sexual preferences very, very violent. Like choking, slapping, he wants to see you tear up, he wants to dominate you, just drill you, very aggressive.” I asked how he knew. “We were dudes, we shoot the shit and crack up…you get to know what somebody’s preferences are. “He likes getting jacked up on viagra and just abusing the dog shit out of somebody.”

This long-term friend found it creepy that Wayne would routinely give women free self-defense classes as well.

Wayne also had a drug addict, who had been arrested previously for auto theft, named Matthew Gray-Stathatos, try and break into Kristal Reisinger’s computer and phone. Kristal’s adopted father Rodney and her ex-boyfriend Eli shared their story with the Up and Vanished podcast.

Wayne also had a drug addict and car thief named Matthew Gray-Stathatos try and break into Kristal’s computer and phone.

“We followed Wayne out to where Matt lived,” Rodney said. “Matt lived in a small motor home. He was having Matt try to break into the computer…He said, ‘I want to talk to him first,’ and we stood off to the side, maybe 30, 40 feet away. He was going to have this guy try to break into it or get into it because I guess Matt is pretty good on computers.”

Rodney said it seemed like Matthew was afraid of Wayne. Wayne told them, “He’ll do this for me because…He’ll do this.” Rodney continued. “I took it that he had a fear of Wayne. And I would, too, if law enforcement busted me. But you could tell he was uncomfortable. [Matthew] was somewhat skittish. The most suspicious-looking behavior ever. He was so clearly nervous about something. That’s why it was really, really suspicious to us that he would have her cell phone.”

Deputy Wayne Clark (left) Matthew Gray-Stathatos (right)

Several people told me Matthew had bragged about having gotten into Kristal’s apartment and stolen her computer and phone. One person explicitly stated that Matthew claimed to have stolen the computer and phone for somebody. “Wayne,” I said.

A person I interviewed said they saw Matthew drunk in his car at the kiosk and when the door opened bottles of Jack Daniels, beer cans and other alcohol bottles fell out. Wayne was sitting right there and did nothing.

Rodney asked Wayne why he wasn’t having C.B.I. handle the computer and phone and he said he never got any answers. “I just never could get a firm answer on something like that.”

Was Wayne attempting to tamper with the phone to hide evidence and protect Catfish?

Was Wayne attempting to tamper with the phone to hide evidence and protect Catfish? We know Wayne was criminally extorting people. It’s plausible that he was being paid off by Catfish and his father. The family is extremely wealthy as reported in Part II.

Moreso, how is it that Catfish and Nate Maxwell operated drug houses with impunity despite Wayne having been called many times to each house? And despite the Sheriff’s office knowing they were drug dealers? It didn’t take me long to find out who the major players in the Crestone/Moffat drug scene were. Why was this allowed to continue for so long?

I asked Sheriff Dan Warwick about this incident of Wayne having Matthew break into Kristal’s computer and phone. “It’s concerning. I’ll look into,” he said. A month later Dan refused to respond to emails asking how the investigation is going.

A source told me Nate was getting his supply from the cartel in Pueblo. Psycho Baroz was seen at Catfish’s. One source told me they think the Sheriff department lives under threat of the cartel, not being paid off by them but threatened.

Also, several people reported to me that they gave Wayne crucial evidence in the Kristal case and he never acted on it. Kristal’s landlord Ara said Wayne was hovering over her closely, staring at the door as she entered the code to get into her apartment. She thought she heard someone enter Kristal’s apartment later that night. “I called the Sheriff’s department with a lot of info that they didn’t write down at all,” she told me.

The C.B.I. had to physically remove Wayne from the property when he tried to get into the vehicle to hear the statement of the neighbor who saw Catfish with the body-sized comforter wrapped in duct tape. That neighbor had already messaged Wayne and several months went by without him responding but Facebook showed he had read it. “He lied about it,” the neighbor told me.

Nate Maxwell’s neighbor Cathy saw Wayne Clark enter Nate’s home around the time it was being sold in late September 2020. It was 8 p.m. She said several Colorado Bureau of Investigative vehicles showed up later at 2 a.m., black cars with the CBI logo on them.

Nate was a “major drug dealer for Crestone,” according to sources in the scene. The meth that Dready Brian injected a few days before his death came from Nate Maxwell. Along with Catfish’s house Nate’s was a hub of the underworld in Crestone. Kristal Reisinger’s heavy use of heroin, meth, and pills meant she was embedded in the drug scene shaped by key players like Catfish, Nate, Marty and others.

One time Cathy rang the bell to bring food for Nate’s dying father whom she cared for and she was greeted by Isaiah Garcia with a shotgun in her face. He walked her all the way to the room at gunpoint.

She was greeted by Isaiah Garcia with a shotgun in her face.

She watched Nate shoot up one time. “I was coming back down the stairs, and talked to him for a minute and he starts shooting up in front of me. ‘I just really need this right now,’ he said. I just looked at him and said ‘what are you doing with your life?’ I started crying and left.”

AS MENTIONED IN PART III, two people very close to Kristal and the drug scene told me Kristal’s body had been taken to Marty Shellabarger’s cabin. “Jack’s” mother told me he had said he was taken at gunpoint to an “old cabin in the woods,” and saw a blonde woman in a tub filled with liquid and there was a lot of blood.

I knew then the cabin would have to have a tub in it if it was the spot. I asked Morgan if it did. “There is a tub in there,” Morgan replied.

I then remembered the leaked Psycho documents revealed an important clue about how they processed victims. Myron had been killed in the living room of the apartment but was moved into the tub. Psycho chopped up bodies and buried them. Beth, the housecleaner, had seen Psycho at Catfish’s. And Catfish had threatened Angela telling her he’d send four Mexican guys to kill her.

And a source had also told me there was a photo of Nate Maxwell holding a human skull with a blonde dread wrapped around it. I found the person who I was told had the photo. They confirmed it was real. They had seen it on a phone that had been left in their car.


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