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November 23rd, 2021

The Guru Magazine has exclusively obtained a notebook of a Love Has Won cult member, found in Crestone by a resident who wishes to remain anonymous. Throughout the roughly 60-pages the member references Mother God, Father God, Faith, Hope, Buddha, FM and other known cult members. The notebook includes a variety of entries including what appear to be written exercises, notes about the group, diagrams with measurements, and experiences with the group’s leaders.

“Father’s horns and tail are removed, blue light emanates off of him.”

In one entry dated May 1st, 2018 the member writes: “Father’s horns and tail are removed, blue light emanates off of him. He felt his crown opening getting downloads. He has peace & calmness about him. He enjoys his night drunk. Mother Mary joins, she is excited full of love & light, yet the energy was erratic, chaos, ungrounded. Love her.”

In another dated May 20th they write: “Mother & Father left their body while on the toilet. Come back to or from the future.”

The Love Has Won member claims to have witnessed a “miracle” where a rainbow shot past Mother God’s shoulder. “One day during a morning meeting Mother sits in her bed & I am across from her. I sensed a past life of hers, a [unreadable] one. Then I saw a miracle, a blessing from her right shoulder come off a rainbow towards the wall. This was etheric in nature. I was seeing this in the physical, and there was no reflection of light to create this, it was the rainbow bridge mother built. She is the Gold at the end of the rainbow. I could sense she was getting her rainbow light body that all her work was being paid off. Either way, this event sparked me to see rainbows EVERYWHERE. I consistently began to see them on FOAC [Father of All Creation], myself, hope and around us always know though what…”

On another page the member wonders about their spiritual development. “Am I going to reach enlightenment in this life?” No -> Then when? When you are ready. How high of a vibe, from 1-1000 can I achieve in this lifetime? 150 – 250 – 350 – 500 – 600 – 750 – 850 – 950 – 1000.”

Another entry reflects on their full moon ceremony. “Angels, Mother & Father God, allow my full moon ceremony to be complete & full, loving & compassionate, peaceful & graceful. May it flow & it unify the team. Thank you, I love u, I’m greatful so make it BE.”

In what appears to be written exercises or perhaps a directed penance of sorts the member writes “I don’t know shit” repeatedly over two pages. They also repeatedly write “I am someone who adds value to other people’s lives.”

One page appears to be written by cult member Buddha, in different handwriting. “I am love everywhere present,” he writes.

Other pages include a sketch of a t-shirt, to do lists, a drawn out diagram with measurements and a more pages of the Love Has Won cult member reflecting on their life.