Dateline Mother God: Don't Call it a Cult

Dateline Mother God: Don't Call it a Cult

Be Scofield is a prominent cult reporter whose work is cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, People, Daily Beast, The Guardian and has led to coverage on Netflix, Dr. Phil, VICE, CNN and elsewhere. Contact: bescofieldreporter @ / Follow on Facebook

October 18th, 2021

In the two-hour long Dateline special on Love Has Won the word “cult” is never mentioned. Not once. That’s remarkable considering it’s the biggest cult story of the year, appearing everywhere from the New York Times, People and VICE to forthcoming docuseries on HBO and Netflix.

Incredibly, host Keith Morrison asks if Amy Carlson, the destructive cult leader of the group, was the victim and a mere “sheep” in it all, with zero explanation of how.

I’ve interviewed several of Amy’s victims and she’s caused incredible damage to many people.

World-renown cult expert Rick Ross told Dr. Phil that Amy was a dangerous and manipulative sociopath and destructive cult leader without a conscience. Dateline’s Keith Morrison wondered out loud if Amy was a victim and a sheep. Dateline hid her abuses and facts about the cult she ran to appease her family and secure their interviews. Rick Ross exposed Amy’s abuses.