How I Found the Love Has Won Cult (The Crazy True Story)

The wild true story of how I discovered the Love Has Won cult in June 2020 while visiting Crestone, Colorado.

How I Found the Love Has Won Cult (The Crazy True Story)

In June 2020 I mysteriously stumbled upon the Love Has Won cult and was the first to report on it. This is the crazy story of how it happened and led to the new HBO Series.

This is an edited excerpt from Hunting Lucifer: One Reporter's Search for Cults and Demons by Be Scofield.

November 28th, 2023

“I'm getting that there’s a dark portal over Crestone,” Olivia said.

“A dark portal?” I asked.

“Yes, and the portal needs to be closed.” She paused.

“And that’s why you’re there.”

I had come to Crestone, Colorado after a synchronistic encounter in Maui. I was down and out living as a nomad in a mini-van during the pandemic. One day I was in a coffee shop in Makawao when I overheard a woman talking about a true crime podcast that covered the murder of Kristal Reisinger in Crestone. We both got chills as we talked and I knew it was a sign. The podcast also said the town had many spiritual and religious centers and was an energy vortex.

Intrigued, I told myself I'd stop in Crestone for my own healing as I drove across the country. I arrived on June 22nd, 2020. I immediately felt a thick, ominous energy that spooked me. The first night I couldn't sleep so I stayed up reading about Crestone and Kristal's story. At 4 a.m. I discovered a guy connected to Kristal's death was in a spiritual group called Love Has Won run by Amy Carlson. “There’s 144,000 of us on the planet that are coming together to unify that vibration,” the follower told the podcast host.

Love Has Won's website stated that Amy was the "Mother of All Creation" and had given birth to the stars, planets, and all humans, who were called her "children." She claimed she was the historical Jesus (who was actually a woman) and was Jesus in this life. She remembered hanging on the cross and also said she had been Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Marilyn Monroe. 

“They saved this planet for last because it is the heart of the universe and it is Mom’s heart,” one of the members stated about Mother and Father God. “This was the final planet where Father gathered all the darkness onto this planet, and Mom came down and she’s been incarnating.”

Strange things started happening as soon as I arrived in Crestone and I called my intuitive reader Olivia to get some insights. She told me she connects with light beings who transmit messages. Olivia tuned in and said Love Has Won was feeding a dark energy portal. She said my work in Crestone was connected to ETs and that I needed to travel to a sacred mountain range and call on them for support.

It sounded wild but I soon discovered the town was a UFO hotspot and that Love Has Won claimed to be in constant contact with UFO cloud ships. I had been open to the mystery ever since an astrologer had sent me to locations on my birthday three years in a row and crazy cult stories unfolded within days of arriving.

-> Hunting Lucifer is the full story of how the Love Has Won cult was first reported and a wild journey hunting dangerous cults and gurus.

“They’re basically holding the portal open,” Olivia said referring to the cult. “There’s a lot of energies and entities coming through. It’s opened a gate for them and it’s a breeding ground for the spirits or demons to work through the people in the area.”

“And I’m here to close this gate?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes, and this is a larger part of a spiritual war,” Olivia said.

“This portal is basically like a node where the earth’s body has been punctured and is opened so that these dark forces can have influence. It’s a pretty big node of influence.”

I had only been in Crestone for a matter of hours and a bizarre cult story was unfolding. I laid in bed dumbfounded and thought back to the mysterious encounter in Maui and how none of this would have happened had I not met her. 

The next day a tarot reader in town told me the sacred range was Mount Blanca about 45 minutes south. “The entire collection of Akashic Records, all the wisdom from throughout time, are said to be stored in the center of the mountain," she told me. I trekked there and made an offering at the base of the mountain calling on ETs and ancestors for support in the mission.

By that point, I had exposed some of the largest cults in the world and my work had been mentioned in many major news outlets. Crestone was turning into yet another mysterious part of my cult-hunting quest.

Mount Blanca

A few days later I mysteriously met an old woman in the park. She had a four-wheel drive vehicle and agreed to take me to a spot up the mountain where I had wanted to look for Kristal’s body.

Five minutes up the mountain I had a feeling and told her to pull over in the forest. I made a b-line across the dirt road and walked into the trees. Thirty seconds later I was struck by chills. I shouted back to Mabel. And then fifty yards further in I was struck with a huge intensity of electric vibrations. When Mabel arrived at the spot she was immediately hit as well.

"Wowoowow," she said as her voice quivered. "I have chills, I have chills.” I said, ”It’s so intense.” I looked at her hands and they were beet red. We stood there in complete awe as our bodies vibrated and resonated with electric energy. Neither of us could speak. I thought perhaps it was a sign of Kristal's body.

That night Mabel brought me to her friend's bed and breakfast to stay. It was a couple who were reiki masters. They told me that the basement was highly charged from the energy training they did there. They said if I sat in the center of the large circular rug it was a vortex. When I did my third eye immediately began vibrating intensely. It felt otherwordly.

I had a wildly vivid dream that night that I was hovering above Crestone on an ET mothership. It was so uncanny. I knew it was real. But it was a dream.

So the next day I connected with Olivia again and asked her about everything. "Let me tune in,” she texted. She waited a minute and wrote again. "The first thing that comes in is that it wasn’t a dream,” Olivia texted. “You’ve called in help.” Tingling sensations moved through my body. “Chills,” I texted back. She was right, I had called in ETs while at Mount Blanca during my ritual. “Something about an ancient pact,” Olivia texted.

I sent her the eerie audio recording of when Mabel and I found the spot in the woods that gave us chills. “My hair is standing on end all over my body," she wrote upon listening. "Paranormal tears. I’m getting that it is an intersection point. It’s a ley line point, like a hot wire,” Olivia wrote. “You could put a rod in right there and signal the ETs.” She continued. “You are helping to regrid. This is about the earth’s nervous system.”

“The chills keep coming, like electricity waves," Olivia wrote. "All my hair is up.” "Me too," I texted as my body vibrated intensely.

"I'm getting that there are two different ET tribes/nations that are reconnecting through this work,” Olivia wrote. “After a long period of separation, it's bringing them together. This is about grid activation, to shift the center of gravity. It’s like pulling the rug out from under the dark energies,” she texted. I sent her a picture of the map of where the ley line point was which gave Mabel and me chills. “I’m seeing a ship beaming into those points to cause this shift,” Olivia wrote.

Meanwhile, Love Has Won was claiming Mother God was in contact with UFOS every night. They'd post images and videos of clouds that resembled starships that were assisting them.

A year later while camping in the desert of California I awoke to a massive cloud ship hovering above me. It was the same exact ship I was on in my dream in Crestone. The area, Borrego Springs, is where the author Paulo Cohelo traveled on a spiritual quest and wrote a book about it in 1992. Recently while in Crestone someone told me they had seen the same cloud ship a few months prior there. Perhaps this whole thing came down to my cloud ships being bigger than Love Has Won's :)

"I think this is way bigger than it seems,” Olivia texted. “It's like pulling a thread. There is a whole ancient thing connected.”

Olivia saying I was "pulling the rug" from the dark energies made sense. I found out about a Love Has Won follower who had been found naked in the desert, hallucinating. He left his wife and kids to be with Mother God but was cast out after Father God transmitted the "darkness" to him. His family believes he may have been drugged.

His wife told me she saw a mysterious darkness in his eyes after he had a psychic session with a Love Has Won member. Another ex-member, Jeremy Brown, told me something similar happened to him. “I got zapped through the phone and I lost control of my body,” he told me. “The woman told me my voice turned into a robot voice for a minute.” Brown continued. “They’re able to transmit this dark energy and entity attachments during these sessions.” One of the first things they had him do was an “ego death ceremony” after he completed his spiritual sessions. “It’s essentially signing over your ego to them.” And since Father God was "Lucifer" it was essentially him signing over his soul to the devil.

“The moment I locked eyes with Amy the first time I knew something was really wrong,” Brown said. “All I felt was pure fear.” He continued. “Every time I’d lock eyes with her I could literally just feel her taking energy from me. She’s just a pure energy vampire.”

Olivia warned me to have an escape plan as the dark forces I was uncovering were too strong. After ten days I fled Crestone. I then interviewed former followers of Love Has Won and their family members. A few weeks later I published the first story on the cult called, "Crestone Cult Love Has Won Leaves Man to Die in Desert."

My story is what grew awareness in Hawaii and led to a slew of media interest. I then brought the story to the Dr. Phil Show who turned the story into their season premiere. I ended up writing 11 stories on Love Has Won and am cited by the New York Times, People, and many other outlets.

For the full backstory see the book Hunting Lucifer: One Reporter's Search for Cults and Demons.