Amy Poehler Wants to Start a Mother God Cult

Amy Poehler mentions the Love Has Won cult HBO documentary

Amy Poehler Wants to Start a Mother God Cult

Be Scofield is a prominent journalist who first discovered and reported on the Love Has Won Cult. You can read the backstory of how she discovered the cult in her new book Hunting Lucifer: One Reporter's Search for Cults and Demons. Her reporting is mentioned in the NY Times, CNN, Rolling Stone and more.

December, 23rd 2023


In a recent appearance on the Late Night Show with Seth Myers comedian and actress Amy Poehler mentioned the Love Has Won documentary on HBO.

In a fun segment, she said one of her New Year's resolutions was to start a cult. "Oh, I'm going to start a cult," Poehler told Myers. "You'll be so good at it," he said.

"Let me ask you this," Poehler said. "Do you think you would be more apt to join a cult or start a cult?" Myers replied, "I'm a joiner. This is a hundred percent." She agreed with him, "I think you are too." Myers went on to say he doesn't want to make any decisions when joining a cult. "Well, good news in my cult. You're not going to need to make any decisions," Poehler replies.

"What I love so much about cults is how it's like a Tim Robinson sketch," Poehler said. "How the rules come in. At first, they sound really good and they always end up with like, and then, huh. I guess rule seven is like everybody have sex with me. It always gets to that."


Poehler then brought up the Love Has Won HBO documentary. "In my cult, it's gonna be more like mothering," she said. "There's a really great documentary all about Mother God." The crowd applauded and shouted. "Either some former members or they saw the doc," Myers joked.

"Do you think when you get out of a cult, obviously it's a bad time. When you get out, do you still have that thing? It's your hometown where somebody mentions it and you can't help it going, woohoo! But I met good friends. It was bad, but I made a lot of friends."

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"You're right. I still tailgate at the cult," Poehler replied. "But anyway, I want to be like a mother. I want to be called some kind of mother. And what I liked about that particular cult is that when the cult leader was tired, everyone was like, Mother is resting."

After the segment aired a fan of Poehler's tweeted, "So where the fuck do I sign up?" In a reply, the fan said, "Little did she know I'm already a member."

The Late Night Show Instagram had fun with the clip posting it and asking "Would you join Amy Poehler's cult?" Someone replied, "I would join her cult in a heartbeat."

The Love Has Won cult docuseries on HBO has been a hit. It continues to garner extensive media coverage and remains in the top docuseries on the streamer. Viewers have expressed a range of opinions from being shocked and disturbed to being engulfed and fascinated.

The cult was first reported by me in 2020 in The Guru Magazine. I then worked with the Dr. Phil Show and they turned the story into their season premiere. That was followed by a Dateline episode, a VICE doc, and now hundreds of articles worldwide about the cult.