The VICE Doc on the Modern Mystery School Cult is BONKERS

A VICE documentary called "The Demon Slayer Academy" and their investigative article about the Modern Mystery School reveal the dark side of the spiritual group.

The VICE Doc on the Modern Mystery School Cult is BONKERS

Be Scofield is the author of Hunting Lucifer: One Reporter's Search for Cults and Demons. Her original reporting led to the new HBO series on the Love Has Won cult. Her work is cited by the NY Times, Rolling Stone, People, Netflix, and more.


December 18th, 2023

A VICE documentary called "The Demon Slayer Academy" and their investigative article about the Modern Mystery School reveal the dark side of the spiritual group. They allege founders Gudni Gundason and Dave Lanyon have sex with followers, and have a secret NXIVM-like inner circle of sex rituals. It appears the Modern Mystery School (MMS) has all the signs of a destructive cult:

  • The founders have sex with members.
  • There is a NXVIM-like secret inner sex circle.
  • Members are coerced into heavily recruiting new members.
  • The group claims to be "saving the world."
  • People are told if they leave they will receive "demonic attacks" or cancer.
  • Members are required to continually purchase trainings and courses that end up costing as much as $100,000.
  • Founder Gundi Gudnason claims to be a descendent of the God Thor and says he has lived many thousands of lifetimes.
  • The leaders warn of Armageddon and the end of the world.
  • The leaders claim to broadcast from a spaceship a few miles above Earth.
  • Ranks like "Ritual Master," and titles like "Sovereign Ipsissimus," "Ambassador," and "Divina" are used.
  • Members undergo weeks of sleep deprivation.

You can watch the documentary about the Modern Mystery School cult for free on VICE. Just use the "free pass" option. Below are some clips from film.

An inner circle that ejaculates on people to "heal" them

"There was another level to sexual activity within the school reserved for a select few handpicked by Gudni," the VICE Modern Mystery School doc says. Founder Gudni Gudnason would take the group to erotic shows with naked women, then back at his place he would assign sex partners. "It's all just sex from that point," a former member says.

The MMS doc reveals the secret NXIVM-like sex rituals the group uses. In this video clip, a former member explains how they once tried to heal a woman from cancer by a group of men ejaculating on her.


"When the men climax, never inside the women ever. It's always to be done on the face, the breast, the belly," a former member says. "No one ever orgasmed inside," another ex-member says. "There was a cancer patient once and we knew we were healing her so the men would orgasm on her. The whole time was focused on that person healing. The men would ejaculate on the area that needed to be healed," she states.

In the doc, a male member says one of the leaders of his group coerced him into having sex with him when he didn't want to.


Leader Dave Lanyon telling women they are "chosen ones to save souls" and then having sex with them

"Dave had told me I was the chosen one to eventually have sex with my teacher to save millions of souls," Bernice Van Eck says in the doc. "I had to first climb up the different ranks until I was a certain level in his eyes 'energetically' to be able to have sex with him."

She also claims Dave Lanyon waived her fees for courses as a way to groom her.


"After my third-step initiation, Dave said to me 'You're ready,'" Van Eck says. She was then selected by Modern Mystery School leader Rita Vandenburg for a "sacred mission" with leader Dave Lanyon. Van Eck first traveled to Mount Fuji where she was buried alive in a ritual. "Rita said we have to make sure my nails are done and that I was completely prepared," Van Eck says. "At 11:30 that night I received a WhatsApp that I must go to his hotel." She went and he told her to take off her watch because "there is no time." He proceeded to have sex with her. "I felt used," she said. She soon left Modern Mystery School.

The founder was given "technology" by aliens from a UFO he interacted with

Vice explains the paranormal origin story of Modern Mystery School founder Gudni Gudnason:

On the 21st of May, 1998, Gudnason and Secrist claimed to have had “physical contact with beings from another world”, after witnessing a “plasma ship” landing in a lake in southern Idaho. Inside the ship were members of an alien race called the Nathors, the couple said, who over a three-week period showed them “wondrous technology” and asked them to share it with the world.

The doc shows Gundason saying he was broadcasting from a spaceship above the planet. "Welcome to this broadcast. We are sitting in a spacecraft a few kilometers above Earth."


"Dave had told me I was the chosen one to eventually have sex with my teacher to save millions of souls."

The group embraces a doomsday-like worldview where members are convinced they are battling evil to save the planet. "In the months before the 5th of May, 2012," writes VICE. "Students received a series of increasingly dramatic emails telling them to prepare for this potentially cataclysmic event." Organizational head Dave Lanyon wrote to members, "On May 5th, 2012 EVERY soul will be lost to heaven." Soon after founder Gudni Gundason emailed them, "We are getting closer to the end of days, the Armageddon or the End of the World AS WE KNOW IT!"

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The members are taught to be fully-trained "exorcists at the highest level" to fight demons and close energy gates around the globe.

"The school makes you believe that if you leave the school you're gonna be possessed by the devil," a former member says in the VICE doc. "If you leave you will get cancer and this disease and that disease."

According to the VICE investigations the group relies heavily on constant recruitment of new members. “They were belittling people,” one former member told VICE about not having initiated enough people. "One former Guide told me she saw her fellow initiates reduced to tears after failing to hit their target of bringing in ten new students: 'All of those people got taken into another room and yelled at for three hours.'"

Like NXIVM and other MLM-scam type operations the Modern Mystery School heavily pressures members to enroll in endless courses. “You’re coercing people to stay in the organisation, getting them to pay money and threatening to take away the initiations that they earned and paid for,” a woman told VICE. “I just couldn’t have a part of it anymore.”

There are thousands of people around the world, mostly women, who have become initiated into the "Lineage of King Salamon" to fight demons and save the world. They intentionally changed the spelling of the word. They share testimonial videos similar to those in fundamentalist Christianity.

The VICE doc and article have a lot more of the wild details about the cult.