Watch the Love Has Won HBO Trailer

The new trailer for the Love Has Won HBO series just dropped. Watch it here.

Watch the Love Has Won HBO Trailer

Get the mysterious backstory of the Love Has Won cult in the new book by the journalist who broke the story: Hunting Lucifer: One Reporter's Search for Cults and Demons.

November, 8th 2023


The trailer for HBO's Love Has Won cult series has just been released. Premiering on Monday, November 13th the series looks at Amy Carlson who claimed to be Mother God. The story was first reported by cult reporter Be Scofield, founder of The Guru Magazine. She broke the original stories surrounding the Love Has Won cult. It later became featured on the Dr. Phil Show, Dateline, VICE and achieved widespread media coverage.

Directed by Hannah Olson, the Love Has Won HBO series rehashes the key events in the group's history. The cult documentary features interviews with the key members of Love Has Won including Jason aka Father God.

Journalist Be Scofield recounted the mysterious way she discovered the Love Has Won cult in her new book. After learning about the town of Crestone, Colorado from a synchronistic encounter in Maui she traveled to Crestone. While there an intuitive healer said she had come to close a dark energy portal in the town and that the cult was propagating the force.

Love Has Won HBO Series

The new HBO Love Has Won trailer reveals that director Hannah Olson got intimate access to the cult members. "She's God," one of the members says in the series. "I was able to see her true unconditional love," another comments. "Sometime's creation looks a little messy," a female follower says.

The Love Has Won cult made international headlines after Amy Carlson was found dead in April of 2021. The group had kept her body for a month and transported her from Mount Shasta to Crestone. They set up a shrine in her bedroom, wrapped her in Christmas lights, and put makeup on her. The followers believed Carlson was "out of communication" and had not died.

Amy Carlson left her children to follow a spiritual leader named Amerith White Eagle and later gathered her own following. The group live-streamed to thousands of people every day. The police raided the cult's home in Crestone and arrested the members. They were later all released and the charges were dropped.

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