Inside Ashland's TwinRay Cult

A twin flames cult in Ashland, Oregon has fleeced people out of millions. TwinRay claims to be divine messengers sent to save the world during the Golden Age prophecy.

Inside Ashland's TwinRay Cult
  • A twin flame cult in Ashland, Oregon has fleeced people out of millions. They told followers they "plan to take over Ashland."
  • TwinRay has convinced followers they are "miracle workers" and "Avatars" who have come to usher in the golden age. They call themselves Divine Mother and Divine Father and offer "remote surgeries, DNA upgrades and karma clearings."
  • Medical records show co-founder Shekinah Ma lied about having been in a coma for "six days and six nights," prior to October 10th, the core of her divine origin story.
  • The cult sells wellness: divine bioceutical supplements, energy patches, fake healing jewelry, portable vortexes and elixirs.
  • When the two met in Egypt in 2017 a spiritual gate opened that "allowed an opening of 144 million divine [twin flame] unions to eventually come together."
  • They claim to sit on galactic councils with different ET star races, frequently visit spaceships and travel back in time.
  • TwinRay once staged a scene to make it appear Father God had miraculously created diamonds inside of his body and pulled them out of his mouth.
  • Former followers say the cult routinely gave followers DMT psychedelics on retreat without them knowing.
  • One former member was put on a "mono fruit" diet where she ate only grapes and watermelon for six months.
  • A 65-year old woman donated/spent $500,000 on the group including $25,000 for one ounce bottles of an elixir. As she was dying of pancreatic cancer the leaders told her she got cancer because of spending less time with them.

Be Scofield is the author of Hunting Lucifer: One Reporter's Search for Cults and Demons. Her original reporting led to the new HBO series on the Love Has Won cult. Her work is cited by the NY Times, Rolling Stone, People, Netflix, and more.

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April 23rd, 2024

It wasn't long ago that Ashland's newest enlightened guru Shekinah Mah was a b-list movie actor living in southern California. One of her credits is "Sexy Chick Amber" in an episode of the series The Glades. Another is "Party Girl" in the film Burn Notice. She didn't wear white robes or speak in a British accent at the time. She wasn't selling $3,333 holy necklaces or charging $8,888 for retreats. Her name wasn't Shekinah Mah. It was Mia Terez Deuschle.

In 2010 Terez claims she nearly died from a rare strain of meningitis and was "resurrected" by a long-haired, bearded being who came through a portal and shot light into her body. Christ consciousness then returned to the planet through her and she became Mother God.

From around 2007-2012 Mia Terez Deuschle had small roles in a handful of b-list films.

"There was this light that opens up and there was this being in a flowing white robe coming through the portal," her co-leader of TwinRay Sanandaji says in a video. "He had a big beard and long hair. He hovered above her bed and shot this light out of his hand. In that moment her body actually recovered. Her body started to come out of the death state."

Terez claims to have been in a coma for "six days and six nights" after suffering from the "deadliest" and most rare form of meningitis. "All of the doctors called her a 'miracle child' because they've never seen that turnaround," Sanandaji says. All of her organs had "completely given up" and she was in a "death state" he claims before her miraculous healing.

"He hovered above her bed and shot this light out of his hand. In that moment her body actually recovered."

"I woke up on 10/10/10," Terez says in a video. "That was a very important day for the entirety of the planet. It was a day when the Christ consciousness came back on the planet." She was 33 yrs old at the time, the same age that Jesus died. "Thirty-three is actually the initial frequency of the Christ consciousness," she says.

The flailing actress Mia Terez was gone. Shekinah Mah, a goddess with a British accent, was born. "The original inhabitant of the soul left," she claims. "She's completely different, night and day," Sanandaji says.

Shekinah Mah told her earth mother, "I am your mother now."

Why did God choose Mia? "I heard the cries of the children."

The Evolution of Mia Terez

The story isn't as cut and dry as TwinRay portray it. We know this because she unsuccessfully sued Spirit airlines alleging she caught meningitis on a flight from California to Florida in September, 2010. The lawsuit made her many-hour long deposition and medical records publicly available.

Terez claimed to have been in a coma for "six days and six nights" prior to October 10th but her medical record clearly shows that on October 8th she was sitting and eating in her chair. "The patient was doing okay, sitting, and eating in her chair." This clearly contradicts her story that she was in a "death state" coma for six days and six nights prior to October 10th. "I woke up on 10/10/10," she says. "That was a very important day for the entirety of the planet."

In her deposition she's asked how long has she been getting stronger. She replies, "Since October 9th, 2010." Remember, Christ consciousness returned to the planet through her body on 10/10/10. A being hovered above her bed and shot light into her, resurrecting her from the dead on 10/10/10. This is not a date you gloss over or mistake.

Where did Terez' origin story come from? "The first she talked about the coma story publicly was around 2016," says Ashland resident Bee Kay who has spent the last year researching the TwinRay cult. "She was still an actress at the time of the lawsuit," she told me. "She hadn't started her journey yet. She didn't need to glitz up her story. Plus, her medical records would have blatantly showed her lies if she did claim she had been in a coma or died."

One of the more bizarre claims TwinRay makes is that Terez' mother was the one who witnessed Shekinah Mah take over her daughters body. "I'm just happy that my daughter is here even though she's not my daughter," Sanandaji claims Marta Hasson (Putney) said.

"Through Shekinah's presence numerous spontaneous healings have been reported all over the world."

"Her mother shared with me that she saw this being of light that was wearing this very long flowing gown of white light just descended into the room," Sanandaji says in an interview (13:20). "She said he just came down and looked over the body and and put his hand out and sent out this light over the body that laid on the bed. She was dumbfounded."

Mia Terez with her mother Marta Hasson (Putney) and step-father Michael Putnam. Michael is a well known news anchor in the Miami area.

In those immediate years after her supposed death and rebirth Terez acted in two or three films. She offered therapy without a license with her "Flower of Life Psychotherapy" practice out of her home in southern California. After graduating from Hollywood Hills high school in 1995 she became a retail specialist for Prada and Dolce and Gabana at Neiman Marcus. Terez eventually got a graduate degree in marriage and family counseling but never became licensed.

"I would give my remaining years to TwinRay in service. Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji may you be exalted for all eternity." - TwinRay devotee

Terez didn't become a spiritual guru until many years later. "It took seven years for that beautiful little girl's soul to go," she says in a video referring to the time it took for Shekinah Mah to fully integrate.

It wasn't until 2019 that Terez started speaking with a British accent. Her acting reel is in American english. Her early videos as a guru are also free of an accent. She was born in the U.S. and has lived in the country ever since. In this interview from five years ago Terez speaks for 1.5 hours without an accent.

Shekinah Mah Speaks Without an Accent

TwinRay's Cosmic Beliefs

The other half of TwinRay is Sanandaji aka Harley Forster from Australia. His accent is real. He first met Mia Terez in 2017. On December 9th in Egypt they claim a spiritual portal opened that "allowed an opening of 144 million divine [twin flame] unions to eventually come together." Terez claims prior to their meeting the number of twin flame unions was to be 144,000.

They both claimed to have traveled the world barefoot for years repairing the world's energy grids before meeting. Now they have reunited as one god-force to save humanity. Followers believe he is the reincarnation of Christ and she is the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. Christ and Magdalene were the original TwinRay couple.

-> Hunting Lucifer is the new book by journalist Be Scofield about hunting cults and dangerous gurus as a nomad. "A real-life epic and hero's journey."

A TwinRay is a divine couple that have reunited throughout many lifetimes. A twin flame is a divine union in just one life. "When they were in Egypt they realized they were already married from a past life and it was divinely decreed," a former member named Sarai said. "They were the only Divine Mother and Father. They were the only TwinRay on the planet." Though they appear as two humans they are only one.

5D ascended relationships are central to TwinRay's teachings. They believe these divine twin flames are a key way of restoring the energy grid of the planet. Sarai and other ex-members said the leaders tampered with relationships. They would encourage marriages and partnerships or break others off.

Both Terez and Forster claim to follow a Brahmacharya path of celibacy. Their divine marriage is not sexual, it is in service to the world.

"The cosmic dragon lines are distributing massive waves of plasmic energy," says Sanandaji. TwinRay teaches that we are living in a rare time of "Golden Age Prophecy" where high frequencies from the sun and galaxy are changing our DNA and creating a new race of spiritual beings. "They are attempting to create a master race they refer to as homo-luminous or homo divinus similar to Scientology's homo novus," Sarai said.

"They told us that in 2024 there would be so much light most people's bodies would not be able to handle it," she said. "We needed to take their classes in order to prepare our receptors for all this golden age light coming in."

“Beloved Father Sanandaji and Mother Shekinah Ma, I feel compelled to share my experience with this deep metamorphosis. After I 'melted like butter,' I felt the shift of my consciousness and surrendered into this space and allowed all to let go that was ready to be released and recalibrated." 

Like many cults TwinRay draws from a variety of new age and religious teachings. They often speak about Native and indigenous prophecies, chakras, "ancient wisdom maps," meditation, sacred geometry, the power of love, self-inquiry and other lofty ideas. "This path is not for everyone," their website reads. "It's for the courageous. It's for the noble. It's for the true seeker. Find yourself. Walk with us."

TwinRay is somehow both non-dual and spiritually dualistic, ancient and modern, new age and scientific, transcendent and immanent, humble servants and obsessed with material wealth.

TwinRay claim to be one being in two bodies.

TwinRay claims they brought a healing technology from the future called Krystic Energy (KES). Kryst is a play on Christ. It is "a newly manifested technology that Shekinah and Sananda have brought from a future timeline of Earth's Golden Age," a flyer reads. "It has been transported through time and is birthed from extensive knowledge of the human light body and Golden Age Science." They claim it connects the practitioner to the "Cosmic, Galactic, Solar and Earth fields of consciousness and bandwidths."

"I studied reiki and theta healing and it felt like they took them both and made up their own," Sarai said. She took KES training through level III which cost nearly $5,000 in total.

"We have had many encounters, we've sat on councils with different star races from different signets," Forster says in a video. "We've assisted in many different ways off planet. We've been on countless ships and had experiences of our physical body going to them, we've traveled back in time. There are different planetary systems that we travel to frequently."

Inside TwinRay

"I was one of their first ascendants," Sarai told me. "The ascendantship was a private mentorship to work one on one with them over Zoom. The big sell was that I'd be in Samadhi, my life would change, that'd I'd be under their energetic protection. They said I was on my second to lowest timeline and they'd put me on my highest."

The first thing Terez and Forster did was put Sarai on a "mono fruit" diet. "For six months all I ate was grapes, watermelon and charcoal pudding," she said. She could only eat one type of fruit per day but had to eat the "nasty" charcoal pudding every morning. "I told Sanandaji after six months I was hungry and he got angry. He coldly told me 'you can eat pasta now.'"

Sarai said TwinRay instructed their followers to fast from food and water for 7 days at a time twice a month. "It was like half the month people were not drinking water or eating," she said.

"For six months all I ate was grapes, watermelon and charcoal pudding."

"Shekinah and Sanandaji said they were at the top of the pyramid with all the ascended masters," Sarai said in regards to what they taught in classes. "They called it the 'Office of the Christ' with a spiritual age of over a million years. We the students were at the bottom of the pyramid with a spiritual age of less than 100 years. We needed them to take us to the top of the pyramid."

Sarai first studied with Forster prior to him meeting Terez. "I found him in the online summit Straight Talks for the Soul in 2017," she told me. "He went by the name Akasha Sananda at the time."

A bio of Forster from 2016 describes his backstory. "Akasha has learnt the Ancient inner Alchemy of spiritual liberation under the mentorship of the Himalayan Avatar Babaji Nagaraj," it reads. "In deep states of meditation he receives multidimensional geometries which hold holographic imprinted information utilizing the language of the Universe." 

Which Mother and Father God did it better? Amy Carlson of Love Has Won was a McDonald's Manager. Mia Terez was a b-list movie actor.

Sarai said Forster claimed Jesus learned from the same Himalayan Babaji master that he did. "He claimed to be a liberated being," she told me. "He said he was free from his human genetics. He said his eye color changed. His fingerprints changed. That's when he became Divine Father and changed his name to Akasha Sananda."

"Sananda said he's only had three lifetimes as a human," a former follower named "Kevin" told me. "In all of his previous lives he's been a white lion. White Lion is the guardian of the TwinRay because of his connection to the white lions."

I spoke with a current follower who told me that the TwinRay leaders are "enlightened masters." An ex-devotee named "Stephanie" said she believed he was Jesus when she was with the group. Terez and Forster claim they can do "remote surgeries, DNA upgrades and karma clearings." In one case they claimed to have energetically recreated the spleen of a follower who had had it removed. An ex-member named "Michael" said they claimed they were the only ones on planet earth who had this special path.

"They were clearly trying to convey that they were the reincarnations of Jesus and Mary," Kevin said. "A woman turned to me in awe during a retreat and said, 'Can you believe they are actually Jesus and Mary Magdalene.'"

Forster teamed up with "spiritual futurist" Christof Melchizedek around 2016 and ran the Innerversity of Divine Perfection (IODP). They offered a 7-module course on spiritual growth among other classes.

Thanks to Christof's influence Terez and Forster gained a following. "They did an online live with Christof and told their story," Sarai said. "Shekinah told us she put her hands on Akasha's heart and saw him go up into a violet ball. She said a new consciousness entered the body and he left." At this point he changed his name from Akasha to Sananda.

TwinRay Sits on ET Councils and Visits Spaceships

"They had no platform of their own," Sarai told me. "It all came from Christof." The three were also in Egypt together. Christof later had a falling out with the two and the Innversity of Divine Perfection merged with TwinRay in 2020. They first incorporated as TwinRay Illuminations in Carlsbad, CA in October of 2018. The filing says the business was suspended in 2021.

TwinRay had 1.9 million in revenue in 2021 according to filed reports. In addition to donations and courses the group made large amounts of money from expensive jewelry, elixirs, and products.

One ex-member named "Jennifer" spent over $150,000 on TwinRay. She did several retreats at $10,000 each. Her ascendantship or one-on-one study cost $55,000. She went into debt borrowing the money.

Others spent close to $100,000 on their ascendantship. Terez and Forster charged $1,200 for a one hour session on Zoom where participants appeared on video but the leaders only used audio.

Sarai's story is similar. She spent over $80,000 on TwinRay. Initially they tried to get $33,333 for a nine-month ascdendantship but they settled on $13,333. "They wanted me to deposit the money in their Estonian bank account in Euros," she told me. "They were living in La Jolla, California at the time. It didn't make sense." Sarai didn't have the cash on hand so she ended up paying close to $17,000 on her credit card after the currency exchange. It took her 1.5 years to pay it off.

"They wanted me to deposit the money in their Estonian bank account in Euros."

A business filing for TwinRay Illuminations in Estonia shows they reported a loss of 47,000 Euros. They operated the account from 2021 and appear to have closed it in 2023. There is also a bank account in London called Immortalis Limited that members have paid money into.

The TwinRay retreat in March 2024 in Ashland

Sarai said she thought Sanandaji was the second coming of Christ who had come to save her life. "They're promising me everything I want, how could I say no? I'm gonna meet my twin flame, I thought. I'm gonna have all the resources I want."

"The sessions were not helpful," Sarai told me. "They'd ask what I want in my life and then yell at me saying I wasn't qualified, that I needed to take more action."

"I thought they'd help me feel better and get more abundance but they kept draining my funds," she said. "It was a very disappointing experience and I felt more harm was caused than healing."

TwinRay Puts on a Performance

"You're Literally Drinking God"

The Circle of Teran is a luxury enclave in the hills of Ashland. It took Scott Young and Robin James $15 million dollars and seven years to build it. He was a plastic surgeon and shaman. She was a spiritual guide and channeler who went by Sulara Young. They used Native American sacred geometry in the design.

Sulara hoped to operate it as a church and a retreat center. Strict land zoning regulations prevented them from doing so. For at least a while though she held public spiritual gatherings. She claimed to channel their baby Teran who died just a few hours after being born. They believed he was an Indigo Child and they channeled his "messages of wisdom and light" for the world.

In July of 2014 prominent Ashland Scientologists Doug and Becky Neuman bought the property for just 1.5 million dollars at auction. They own several business in town including the Ashland Springs Hotel where they've put Scientology materials in the rooms and sold books in the lobby.

At the end of 2020 the Neuman's privately sold Circle of Teran to TwinRay for $2.6 million, below the market rate. They did so because they essentially went into business together. TwinRay agreed to use Scientology owned hotels and businesses for the retreats.

Terez and Forster talked an inner circle of four wealthy donors to give around $300,000 each so they could purchase the temple. They additionally spent hundreds of thousands in courses, jewelry and retreats.

By the time Sarai attended TwinRay's first retreat in Ashland in June of 2021 she had already done several. She noted how much the cult had grown. "In 2019 there were only eight of us on retreat in their temple in La Jolla," she told me. "In 2021 there were 60 people on their June retreat in Ashland."

"I am what you would call 'The Divine Mother.'  I am truly blessed to connect with you and with all of my children again. At this time, a healing program is being calibrated uniquely for YOU." - Shekinah Mah

"The first Ashland retreat was really chaotic," Sarai told me. "Things took a dark turn when they bought that mansion." She said Terez and Forster became more strict and employed more rules. There was no hugging allowed. The two would remain awkwardly silent in the face of questions or conversation. "It used to be much more playful and had become more controlling by that point."

Michael told me people were left in 100 degree weather for 2-3 hours outside of the temple as they waited for the next event to begin. They wouldn't let them come in to cool off.

"Stephanie" attended the June 2021 retreat in Ashland. She spent around $5,000 on the six-day retreat. "They sort of made it up as they went, as ascended masters do," she told me jokingly. "They had no bathrooms at first for most of us. The food at the hotel was inadequate." Michael echoed how disorganized the retreat was.

"A thousand 'thank you’s' and a thousand blessings to the Divine Father Sanandaji and Divine Mother Shekinah Ma for providing this priceless service of Golden Age Energetics to humanity at this time."

The retreats were centered on elixir ceremonies. In the June retreat there were three ceremonies, one every other night. On the day of the ceremony participants would fast. "We were told it's a top secret ancient and sacred formula that's 5,000 years old from Egypt," Stephanie said. Both women, Kevin and Michael said the leaders never told them it was actually DMT. "There's a capsule and a liquid component," to the process Stephanie said.

“This woman was really going through it," Kevin said. "She was screaming and moving through something huge." He said she claimed the ceremony cured her many years long vision issues going from bad eyesight to "seeing perfectly."

The ceremonies would begin at 1o p.m. and they'd last until 4 a.m. "People were wailing and weeping," Stephanie said. "Others were purging. People had big emotional responses."

People were screaming, writhing around, and tripping out Sarai told me. "These were doctors, nurses, professors, people with Ivy League degrees," she said. "Wealthy, well-known families, in some cases." Terez told them, "You're literally drinking God."

TwinRay never informed retreat participants that the elixirs for ceremony were psychedelic DMT. After Sarai left she connected with the woman in Ibiza who had provided the formula for both Christof and TwinRay. "She said they were filled with DMT," Sarai told me. Other ex-followers also confirmed it was DMT.

At 4 a.m. the shuttle would come and "the participants would be yanked on the bus back to the Lithia hotel," Sarai said. Only a select group of twelve chosen people got to stay at the Circle of Teran compound. "It was very difficult," she said. "They don't provide any support. You are on your own to deal with it all." 

"There were white haired older women who looked very sick and were throwing up," Stephanie said. "It was concerning."

“This one guy was nonfunctional from having done so many elixir ceremonies," Kevin said. "He didn’t know his name. He could not function as a human being. His neuroscape was fried. He told me was struggling and that he couldn't formulate what was happening."

When people were sleep deprived and hungry the sales pitch began. Sarai and Stephanie said TwinRay would push their $200 "enhanced water" and expensive programs while they were in suggestible, weakened states. "They'd sell their alchemy, and jewelry, and announce future retreats so people scramble to pay as they are in an altered state," Sarai said.

"They were nothing without the elixir," Kevin told me. He alleged that Forster got close with the woman who created the formula in Ibiza and then ditched her and Christof to start his own retreat business.

"We'll see more mania, mental health conditions, physical disorders and the mutation of the human DNA as a descending cycle."

"The days after ceremony during the retreat, while we were on no sleep, we had to sit all day long and listen to everyone praising them," Sarai said. "They told us that a good way to clear our karma would be by giving them a video testimonial," she said. "They were desperate for constant praise and immediately condemned any kind of questioning of what they were doing. They said we give up our right to complain on the spiritual path." 

"They told us that a good way to clear our karma would be by giving them a video testimonial."

"The first ceremony was the most traumatizing experience of my life," Sarai said of the first retreat she did with TwinRay in 2019. For the next few years she attended elixir retreats and had no idea she was doing DMT.

Stephanie described a remarkable experience on the retreat where the TwinRay leaders staged a miraculous generation of diamonds. "They took everyone out into the lavender fields into the labyrinth," she said. "They performed this trick where she was grunting and shaking and delivering this energy to Sanandaji. He was kind of writhing. He was shaking and jerking and then he opened his mouth and there were these three colorful gems. People started crying. They believed he alchemized them out of nothing. They told us, 'This will be a historic moment.' And said it was related to the planet's energy grids.

"They heavily sold us on moving to Ashland during the retreat," Stephanie told me. "They said this is where the New Earth would be born."

Rainbow Body Prophecy

TwinRay arrived with a splash in Ashland in 2020. They were the latest in a long string of gurus to set up shop. The town has been a noted spiritual destination for decades. Locals say it's an energy vortex like Sedona. There are Zen and Tibetan Buddhist temples, yoga studios, priestess trainings, spirit channelers and healers.

Ashland is home to new age teachers Neale Donald Walsch, Gary Zukov, Jean Houston and Gangaji. It was in the 1990s that Walsch was living at the Jackson Wellsprings in a tent when he wrote an angry letter to God and God responded resulting in Conversations with God. Jeshua ben Joseph supposedly channeled Jesus in Ashland with the end result being the book The Way of Mastery.

On the June 2021 retreat Sarai said Forster told the group they "planned to take over Ashland." She said they both spoke about how divinely planned it was for them to find the retreat house. TwinRay's vision for the town is to "build a Golden Sanctuary, where nature and conscious architecture unify to support the secret Teachings of Genetic Liberation that Shekinah and Sananda are here to reveal and share with humanity."

Terez and Forster say they chose the town for its spiritual history. "Ashland has been known to hold sacred lands for many, many years," they write. "This was a [Native American] white flag zone: a place where there would be no war, a place of free trade, and a place of healing and rejuvenation. Forster speaks of a Tibetan Buddhist prophecy of the land. "It's prophesized this valley is where 1,000 beings will reach rainbow body status."

"They sold us on moving to Ashland and developing a community," Stephanie said. "It was going to have a school, medical facilities, farming, irrigation. We'd share our skills to build the New Earth."

Oregonians are keenly aware of the dangers of cult utopias. Just a few hours east of Ashland, Rajneeshpuram wreaked havoc on the tiny town of Antelope and the surrounding region for over four years. Both TwinRay and the Rajneesh cult ran into zoning issues after purchasing land zoned for agriculture. The Rajneeshees incorporated as a city which allowed them to zone freely. TwinRay had their request to create an Airbnb on their property denied.

TwinRay talks about plasma, genetic liberation and alchemical healing

TwinRay is propped up by a handful of new age influences. Scott Catamas, founder of the Global Peace Tribe, announced in August 2023 that he had moved to Ashland after "accepting opportunities to collaborate." He has since promoted the group extensively by hosting them on his livestreams. The CEO of Unify Adil Kassam has "chosen them as his teachers" and raves of their "miraculous" powers. TwinRay sells Unify's "bio-frequency" energy patches that are filled with "hundreds of frequencies that target pain."

Terez and Forster singled out a group of four very wealthy members and coaxed them into funding the purchase of the property. Each paid around $300,000 and spent hundreds of thousands on products, courses and retreats. They received special treatment from the leaders.

One of the major donors was an older woman named "Patrice" who passed away from pancreatic cancer. Her husband told me she was a generous, kind and deeply spiritual person. She donated around $300,000 for the TwinRay property in Ashland and gave another $100,000 donation later. He said they charged her $25,000 for twelve, one ounce bottles of an elixir. She paid them via her bank to their bank account in London that was under the business Immortalis Limited.

"They told her she got cancer from spending too much time with her new granddaughter and not them," he said. "She had stopped chanting in the mornings and doing their rituals and fasts." He told me she was already weakened and had lost 15 pounds by the time she got cancer. The husband also said they told her she got cancer from being cursed after traveling with a competitor to Egypt. But Terez and Forster claimed to be able to remove the curse.

"Patrice was infatuated with the Emerald Tablets," Kevin told me. Terez and Forster took notice. "One day they told the group they had an original copy of the Emerald Tablets. It was only one of a few in the world." He said Patrice lit up with excitement. "They told us they were connected to the high councils and secret societies on the planet."

Her husband said there was another staged miraculous diamond generation scene for Patrice and the other core wealthy donors. They did this energy ritual where he gave birth to the diamonds in his body. "I still have one of them," he said.

"At the end of her life they tried to get her to not do chemo and visit them instead," the husband told me. "We thankfully prevented that but they did get a final $15,000 from her for a 'sacred well' they needed to dig."

There are currently around 35 people living in Ashland who are close followers of TwinRay, many of whom have relocated to be with their "beloved teachers." One who relocated was an esteemed professor Kevin told me. A current member told me there are many thousands of followers online.

"Many followers were super Trumpers," Kevin said. "We were in a car together and her assistant said Shekinah claimed to have put Trump in office," a former follower told me.

"They walk around downtown Ashland often," one local said in a TikTok video. "They and their followers wear all white. They'll order a lot of food at restaurants but only tip $2.22 every time." 

In 2022 TwinRay opened their flagship 10,000 sq ft. store The Haven in downtown Ashland. They sell an array of highly priced spiritual items in store and online. One ounce magical elixirs run $222. Their "Divine Human Supreme" bioceutical supplement line costs as much as $450 per month. The extra large "portable vortex" runs $1,111. It looks like a hookah pipe. "Christed" water wands cost $111.

"The culture was such that everybody was sort of feeding off of each other," Stephanie said. "Seeing people dropping all this money on stuff but everyone seems ok with it."

Sarai bought one of their $3,333 gold talisman necklaces. Their website advertises it as an "advanced jewelry piece that operates as a vortex to inform the wearer's energy field to coherently expand." Ex-members told me that Terez and Forster claimed it would prevent Covid, block EMFs and protect your energy.

"I tried to pawn it and it's not worth anything," she said. "It's gold plated, not gold. It's worthless but they said it'd protect our energy field." Stephanie told me a woman had the same necklace appraised by two different experts and they said it was worth $50. Michael had it appraised and was told it essentially worthless. "They told me it was cubic zirconium," he said.

Several ex-members shared a story about an Australian couple who could not fly to the U.S. because of Covid. Terez and Forster refused to return their retreat fees of over $10,000. "They basically ghosted them," Michael said.

"Everything cost money," Michael told me. "They always had new metaphysical or spiritual things they were selling. And it was always pricey. They made elaborate claims about what these devices could do."

He watched dumbfounded as a staff member changed the labels on a product to a new, more powerful elixir but never changed the product inside.

Sanandaji shows how to activate the sacred "Angelic Breast Plate."

Stephanie, Michael and Sarai said TwinRay exploited their volunteers and staff to a point that it became abusive. "It was not normal," Sarai said. "They weren't sleeping. They did all the work; promotions, dealing with customers, digital things. It was inhumane." One woman was sent to a mental institution she told me. "They worked her to the ground. She was out in the hot sun for 8 hours selling their merchandise while the two were in their private chambers." Stephanie told me about a staff member who left. "After the retreat she felt she had been pushed to her limits physically."

A cohort of students that came in around 2019 left TwinRay in a sort of exodus. Others have left since. Some quietly and some who tried to share their stories. Kevin said they threatened them with legal action. "Anyone who left was shunned and we were told to cut off all contact with," he said.

Michael took a lot of effort to clear his energy field and heal after leaving TwinRay. He said a healer revealed there were many dark entities attached to him. "Spirit and divine came to me and showed me who they really were," Michael told me. "They are the anti-christ."  

"Things had changed," Kevin said. "They were sitting on their throne. People were bowing to them. They isolated themselves completely from the group. It was very different from what it was before."

At the end of 2023 TwinRay was forced to sign the Circle of Teran ranch back over to the Neuman's for defaulting on the mortgage. The $1 million dollars coaxed out of Patrice of the three other wealthy donors for the home is lost. It's unclear how this setback fits into TwinRay's prophecies but for the moment the New Earth is on pause.

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