Cult Rock: Gurus & Music in the Age of Aquarius

Cult Rock: Gurus & Music in the Age of Aquarius

A new series Cult Rock from The Guru Magazine founder Be Scofield explores the intersection of cults and music.

Did you know that the Bee Gees drummer left the group in 1972 to join a band dedicated to a cult? Or that George Harrison of the Beatles produced a band dedicated to the same cult? Fleetwood Mac's guitarist, Jeremy Spencer, left the band to join Children of God. Leonard Cohen dropped out of society in 1994 and followed a zen master who'd be accused of serious sexual abuse. Scientology produced an album sung by John Travolta that went gold. Charles Manson chased rock stardom and Carlos Santana followed an abusive cult leader for ten years.

These are just some of the fascinating stories in the new Cult Rock series by Guru Magazine founder Be Scofield.

The series explores the musical, spiritual, and cultural revolution taking place in the age of Aquarius. Ultimately, the rock stars of the day were unable to avoid falling into the same traps as many ordinary followers. They too would be used, exploited, or abused by gurus in the name of spiritual awakening.