Stalker / Defamation Situation

Written by Be Scofield, founder of The Guru /

UPDATE 12/17: In addition to the lawsuit & smear campaign, Aaravindha has now hired a private investigator who is calling my former classmates looking for dirt on me and in total spent 7 months investigating me.


I’ve uncovered that just 3 weeks after I exposed Aaravindha Himadra’s cult two defamatory hate websites popped up smearing me as a fugitive on the run from police, sociopath, hate cult leader, rapist, attempted murderer, pedophile and druggie who is being secretly funded by foreign entities. Aaravindha hired professional ghostwriter and background researcher Alexander Fred to set up these sites and write numerous fake news stories and hit pieces. They’ve also targeted Anke Richter, a reporter who has covered my work, writing two stories comparing her to Hitler, saying she is a “serpent” with the “dark soul of a conniving banshee.” They want to ruin me and those who cover my prominent cult reporting.

I went to the F.B.I. in San Diego on August 17th and met with an agent for an hour fully explaining the situation. I filed a formal cyberstalking complaint as what they are doing is criminal. I also spoke with police in Ohio.

I also immediately informed my attorneys Tim and Ambika of everything. They are representing me from Aaravindha’s $250,000 lawsuit and have been very supportive. I exposed the suspicious death of Aaravindha’s student on January 24th and ever since he’s been wanting revenge.

Alexander Fred has been stalking and cyberstalking me for a long time. He’s written that he is tracking my movements and I recently got a 15-second blank call from his exact location in Beavercreek Ohio. He’s disturbingly obsessed and highly unstable. He’s been aggressive towards me online. He was previously hired by cult leader Bentinho Massaro to attack my expose on him in a long ghostwritten piece. He’s a professional background researcher, ghostwriter and SEO expert.

I was recommended attorneys to represent me pro bono to file a lawsuit. A lawsuit is being prepared for this attempt to discredit me. I’m told Aaravindha’s wife is heir to Pier 1 imports.

Just 3 weeks after I exposed Aaravindha and 1 week after he sued me these sites appeared.

  • January 24th: I publish my expose on Aaravindha Himadra.
  • February 8th: I’m first notified Aaravindha is suing me.
  • February 14th & 19th: Two similar and interlinked hate sites pop up attacking me and my work. Since then Alexander has published multiple fake news stories, conspiracies, and defamatory articles on these sites. (The worst article “Is Be Scofield, Blogger a Pedophile?” has since been removed immediately after I first exposed Alexander Fred as the writer).
  • August 6th and September 28th: Reporter Anke Richter has two articles written about her on these sites, comparing her to Hitler and saying she has the “dark soul of a conniving banshee.” (The article “Heil Anke Richter” has since been removed.)

Also, Aaravindha threatened to sue a newspaper who published Anke Richter’s story about me. This shows his willingness to go after those who report on my writing.

The motive, timeline, interest in stopping Anke and admitted contact with Alexander Fred places Aaravindha at the center of this. Alexander wrote an article attacking my Aaravindha expose and freely admitted that he spoke with him. Aaravinhda is uniquely aggravated with me and wealthy enough to fund it.

Expect more attacks on me given my position as a highly prominent cult reporter. My reporting has devastated the livelihoods of powerful cult leaders around the world.

This type of smear campaign is a reality for cult reporters and whistleblowers.

Scientologists broke into journalist Paulette Cooper’s home and stole her stationary, typed a bomb threat to themselves and mailed it. Paulette was federally indicted by a grand jury and faced 15 years in prison until the F.B.I. raided a Scientology office and discovered the plot called “Operation Freakout.” They also tried to smear her. She states, “They sent, it was 300 people, they sent a letter saying I was a prostitute with venereal disease and had sexually molested a two-year-old baby girl,” she said.

NOTE: If I am ever attacked or killed Aaravinhda is the #1 suspect. His and Alexander’s efforts need to be immediately investigated. They’ve proven they want to end me and are willing to go to great lengths to achieve this goal.

Be Scofield