Hunting Lucifer Book

After a harrowing encounter with evil and undergoing a soul death an astrologer sends journalist Be Scofield to Sedona on her birthday in 2017 to improve her year ahead. Within a few days of arriving, clues mysteriously lead Scofield to a dangerous guru named Bentinho Massaro. She infiltrates his cult and writes an expose that goes viral, forcing Massaro to flee. A year later, the astrologer sends Scofield to the Pacific Northwest on her birthday and a cult murder mystery quickly unfolds on Orcas Island. On her following birthday the astrologer sends her back to Sedona and yet another cult story unfolds within days. This time it's an international Buddhist cult at war with the Dalai Lama.

In 2020, Scofield gets chills in Maui while talking with a woman about the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger in Crestone, Colorado. Visiting Crestone, strange events lead Scofield to uncover the Love Has Won "Mother God" cult. An intuitive then tells her she has come to close a "dark portal" over the town and that she is working with ETs. She returns to Crestone the following year and writes an explosive series about Kristal's disappearance.

As Scofield becomes a prominent cult reporter, she travels as a nomad; often homeless or living in a campervan. Her healing journey takes her to powerful natural places and sacred sites throughout Hawaii and the West. As she hunts demons, she realizes she is being hunted but is told angels are guiding her. Scofield discovers a profound truth along the way: the dark hides in the light.