OZ Actor Gano Grills Claims to Be God, Starts Cult called Galighticus

OZ Actor Gano Grills Claims to Be God, Starts Cult called Galighticus

Former Shaft and OZ actor and Wu Tang Clan graffiti artist Gano Grills is an emerging cult leader who claims to be god. He says he’s here on a mission to usher 144,000 people off the planet. He claims to do exorcisms and revive the dead. He says he’s part of a Galactic Council of 22 gods that contains four insectoids. Women who have abortions suffer catastrophic karmic debt, he believes. Kendrick Lamar is a “propagator of Lucifer” and drinking dark rum or Hennessy attracts bad spirits. He sells training programs for as much as $12,000. He also says Michael Jackson told him in a meditation that he wanted the world to know he was murdered.

By Be Scofield


“My job is to focus on getting the 144,000 off of the planet to be where they rightfully belong.”

“Many are called, few are chosen.” That’s the tagline of Galighticus, a group run by former Hollywood actor and Wu Tang Clan graffiti artist turned cult leader SRI Master Gano Grills. He’s not just a master though, he also claims that he is Lord Thoth and Ganesh. He was sent to Earth on a divine mission to lead 144,000 souls to ascension he claims. Grills describes his role: “These GODS have not only revealed my own GODFORM, but they have also pledged their support of the #Galighticus movement here on Earth.”

His group has a specially chosen mission Grills claims, “Our movement is the ONLY covenant given to Earth that has the power of 22 main Gods of LIGHT and an extended board of 100 exalted beings who drive the frequency of evolutions of the higher worlds. We have the keys for all that is necessary for evolution and emancipation of humanity.”

From left to right: Gano Grills, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy & Gary Shandling

Grills claims he was given a “covenant” by Sri Lakshmi:

“Archangel Michael chimed in and said ‘Gano, your mother has given you a covenant to awaken 144,000 souls. You were destined to do that. Anyone who is seeing certain numbers, they are your initiates and students. They are seeing those numbers because they have petitioned in a heavenly court before their birth to awaken in this lifetime.’”

He tells his followers that “angels from the celestial Kingdom of Heaven are responsible for broadcasting and radiating these numbers directly into your reality.” He tells the public: “If you have been seeing 333, 1111, 444, 555, 222 YOU are being invited into, THE GALIGHTICUS STUDENTSHIP PROGRAMME of Ascension.”

Grills says he met the three gods that created the “engine of his soul,” Shango, Sri Lakshmi & Baldr. He learned from them that his mission was buried inside of him: “I actually hid this stealthy mission deep within my being to unfold ever so ephemerally at a predestined time.”

Grills’ bio describes him as a “WORLD CLASS Spiritual Advisor and Master Teacher. The title SRI Master can ONLY be bestowed by the Gods themselves.”

In this clip, Grills explains his divine status, “I am an Avatar for a God named Lord Ganesh. I’m a human embodiment of a God…Avatars have the ability to be in multiple places at the same time…I am enlightened fully.”

Members of his group follow the Galighticus Invocation and there’s even an origin story.

From Wu Tang to Shaft

“Grills is definitely a success story from the world of graffiti, one of the elder pillars of Hip Hop culture.” — Source Magazine

“Have Wu Tang tagged up on your tombstone by Gano.” That’s a line from the Hip Hop song “Holocaust” by Wung Tang Clan leader RZA. Gano Grills grew up with RZA in Staten Island in the 1980s. Grills, considered a local legend in the street art scene, has had his graffiti featured in Wu Tang Clan’s music video “Can It All Be So Simple” and in “Cold World” by GZA. Grills was also involved in the founding of Wu Wear in the mid 1990s. One article says he’s “ been a part of Wu-Tang’s legacy since day one, has also done creative work such as logos for Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Wu Wear, and a host of other Wu-Tang Clan’s videos.” And Grills designed the artwork for the 2017 Wu Tang album “The Saga Continues.”

LEFT: Method Man, Gano Grills & RZA / RIGHT: RZA, Gano Grills & Ghostface Killah

As a long time actor, Gano Grills has had minor roles in over a dozen films and TV shows such as Shaft, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Bomb the System, OZ, Sopranos, Hannibal and Law & Order.

LEFT: LL Cool J & Gano / MIDDLE: Gano & Samuel L. Jackson / RIGHT: Gano as Raymond “Mondo” Browne in OZ

Becoming God

“I am an awakener of the mentally dead. The testimonies from around the worlds, that is correct, WORLDS, prove this.”

Grills, based in Staten Island, began organizing meetings in homes in Brooklyn in 2013. It was at that time that he claims to have first experienced Lord Thoth and Quan Yin.

Since then, he’s used Youtubeand Instagram to build a following over the last five years, attracting thousands of followers online and around the world. His videos have over one million views. He even has an App (which costs $45) and a private Facebook group where members regularly attest to his powers and seek advice. Every “THORS-Day” as he calls it, Grills does a live stream Q&A on Youtube.

Grills echoes Bentinho Massaro and Teal Swan in the way he’s utilizing digital technology in the service of his cult ambitions.

“We are now family. We will always have each others back, we will be our greatest selves, WE will light up the darkness. WE ARE Galighticus.”

It’s hard to discern what Grills actually teaches. He has only a few blog posts on his site and has written very little. One post is about avoiding the “spirit of lack” and another tells people they have super powers. His videos are primarily a mix of his insights on death, demons, illusions, the Gods, dreams and numbers. One video references a deceased MMA fighter, “Did Kimbo Slice die because he didn’t have spiritual protection?” Another is titled, “Bringing the Dead students back to LIFE in the MYSTERY SCHOOLS as LORD THOTH.” Many videos are testimonials from his members about having their Kundalini activated by him. Gano doesn’t list any specific teachers he’s trained with or methods he’s trained in. Rather, he claims he simply recognized his own God form that was buried within.

In his videos, Grills often tells his followers about certain gods that are in contact with them. In response to a woman telling Grills that she’s been seeing visions of rams, including a half ram, half fish, he tells her “she has a strange connection with” the god Opan. He then tells her “There’s also another god that kinda likes you, the god Zeus.” He then asks her when was the last time she’s been in contact with Zeus. She says a few weeks.

Some of his more in depth offerings are available online. His HyperNTR-EL Teachings Volume #1 sells for $100. It features these selling points: “Divine timing, Cosmic beacon, The Big Guns, Hell Notes and Gano Appears as a Giant” among others.

Grills also leads workshops and trainings worldwide. He claims his upcoming Sequence of Power series in London is divinely appointed:

“The Gods have used Sequence of Power to create the galactic coordinates of the cosmos. Now for the first time, the Sequence of Power series will be offered to four audiences only. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a holder of divine power.”
Members regularly bow down at Gano Grills’ feet

Devotees often speak of him in divine regard. “That’s OUR Beautiful Master!” says one excited follower. Another says Grills has been given gifts from the Gods. He told him it was a “complete honor and privilege” to be in his presence and to absorb his light and love. One devotee says it is “amazing” listening to “this Master speak” and that it fills his soul with “so much information” to help him fulfill his “purpose here in the human form.”

The Galactic Council

Grills claims to be part of a Galactic council which include four “Insectoids.” In this clip he explains the council, “Galighticus is a cosmic agency of 22 beings. Some of them are exalted beings, some of them are Gods, some of them are Archangels.”

He continues, “On our Galactic council there are about 4 different Insectoids that would probably freak you out if you were to see them. They speak many different languages. They’re very powerful and they have intelligence that would rival Nikola Tesla and Enrico Fermi put together.”

“The Demi Gods that fashioned your current form also unplugged your 12 strands of DNA leaving you 97% dormant, hence the scientific term Junk DNA. As a result, Humanity as a whole is 13,000 years behind schedule. This is a grave condition to be in.”

On Abortion, Suicide, ET’s & Hip Hop

“When one is ready to blast off, they must train thoroughly before entering into the space shuttle.”

Grills claims that those who commit suicide are punished by their divine parents for “seven consecutive lifetimes.”

He says that women who get abortions suffer “catastrophic” consequences in the form of a “karmic strike” that will vex them for their entire lives and beyond (see video).

Speaking as Lord Thoth, he claims occult writer Aleister Crowley, who died in 1947, distorted his teachings. Grills/Thoth says Crowley “studied a lot of what I had to offer. He’s being punished for that and a lot of the putrification and pugnacious way in which he distorted my teachings. It’s something he will have to deal with for a very long time.”

Gano Grills on

When it comes to music, he says Kendrick Lamar is a “propagator of Lucifer,” and Lil Wayne is “lower frequency.” Instead, he prefers Jamiroquai and Earth, Wind & Fire. His Youtube videos often begin with Soul and Funk music.

Grills claims that extraterrestrials are “waiting for consciousness to expand” on earth. They are sending us books, teachings and modalities he claims, hoping that the collective humanity will reach 3% out of 100% of this new understanding. At that point “they can touch down on a football field and announce who they are. ‘We’re the Arcturians, the Andromedans, from the Vega Star system. We have a lot to offer you.’” He also shares videos of UFO’s to his Facebook group referring to them as our “space brothers.”

He also says Michael Jackson told him during a meditation that he wanted the world know that he was murdered. It’s of interest to note Grills was at Michael Jackson’s 2009 Birthday party in Brooklyn.

Grills doesn’t approve of certain alcoholic beverages, “When people drink Hennessy and dark rum they are actually inviting spirits to come that are bellicose and that are going to want to act out their desires in your body.”

He also warns of the dangers of certain tattoo’s as well. “You’re putting a contract on your body…The energy of the tattoo has a vibration all it’s own” he says. He recommends avoiding things like skulls because they become a portal for “entities to come through.”

Grills was raised a Southern Baptist but has since abandoned this “fiction” just like he gave up Santa Clause at the age of 12 he says. Jesus was not a God Grills claims and the Bible was designed to keep people “disempowered.” In response to the question “What do we do with our dead who are buried under the cross?” Grills responds, “Remove the cross for it is a contract that mandates a soul to return back into an unconscious life.”

He also tells followers that there are “dark forces” opposing their group and urges them to remain vigilant.

The Exorcist & Healer

“I was put through a battery of tests from the GODS who wished to work with us. There were 22 of them that ganged up on me in a Celestial initiation and tested my desire to help humanity grow and expand.”

Grills claims to have the power to exorcise demons and bring people back to life. In videos he can be seen holding a crystal wand over people as they shake and cry.

He says that his mother died and he used hypernatural magic to bring her back to life:

“My mother died in front of me. She bled out and I had to bring her back to life. I didn’t force her soul back into the body but there was an energy that I had to utilize. When she reanimated her face was morphing in front of me.”

Gano Grills doing an Excercism

On another occasion he performed a “minor exorcism” on a woman where he removed demons from her. While her boyfriend was holding her, Grills told the demons “You are not allowed to be in this body any longer and you must now leave!” They started laughing and yelled STOP! STOP! he claims. The demons wanted to hold on but they started to leave. She broke free of her boyfriend and said she wanted to assault Grills. She then went and vomited for 20-minutes while she cursed him out.

One of Sri Master Gano’s followers claims that he said a prayer over her injured ankle and healed her. Another claims “Instant healing of many issues like my nerves, back pains and over 20 years of a shy bladder.”

One member claims that Grills would start her car from 3,000 miles away when it was broken. She also claims he put his hand on a pine tree and sap began flowing, of which he used to bless her with. She then had a powerful kundalini activation experience in her third eye.

Devotees testify in group meetings to their visions after receiving Grills’ “attunements.” Some claim to have had visions of “very skinny” 30ft tall beings that are an “olive color green.” One person claims they saw the Sun morph into a headless and legless entity with a head in it’s hand. Another says “big reddish black orbs came out and were in the trees and on the ground looking at me.” Others say they’ve seen beings with huge butterfly wings, dragons or other Gods and Goddesses such as Lord Thoth, Buddha and Lord Ganesha. Several report Kali devouring them. You can hear more powerful visions his followers have had here and here.

“Many miracles have also been a result of Ganos’ interaction with the DivineWorlds.”

God at Your Service

“I am the human embodiment of Ganesh.”

Grills offers a variety of spiritual services on his site. The Karma Emancipation package costs $700-$2,500 and promises to “drastically quantify the effects of negative karma” in 1 to 3 sessions. His “Initiate” program costs $7,000. Only 144 people will be “chosen,” however. He claims it will lead the participant into “the deeper mysteries of Creation itself.” Also, only 144 people will be chosen for the Baldr Kronos program which runs $12,000 and promises to “distribute major cosmic power” to the “common terrestus” being.

SRI Master Grills really wants you to buy his Kundalini Reiki initiation, citing the collapse of Mother Earth if he doesn’t offer it to more people soon. He states, “I AM looking to initiate as many people as possible so that our dear Mother Terra, does not have to go into a cataclysmic state to rid the darkness from her surface and we won’t have to go through a very uncomfortable pole shift.” You can get “all 3 levels, certificate, manual and, pendulum for ONLY $450”

Thoth Medallions & Ancestor Money

SRI Master Gano Grills sells Thoth and Ganesh Medallions on his site. They cost $325 for the “regular” and $650 for one with “added ritual abilities.” He claims they allow “one to input a refined resonance of the Gods into their lives and build a rapport with the higher realities.” Those who have an earnest desire to own a Medallion are more likely to be blessed by the Gods he claims.

Grills also sells “Ancestor Money.” He claims to have built a special rapport with the “Jade Emperor” who has given him his blessing by adding his divine energy to this “money.” Egun, or the spirits of our ancestors, prefer regular offerings of this currency he claims. They have asked the creator for it.

Members claim to have had financial breakthroughs after burning it, “Ever since I’ve been using ancestor money, the struggle financially has stopped.”

A 2-month supply of 5 billion dollar notes costs $35 while $500 billion dollar notes run $65 for a 3-month supply. The BIG GUN $10,000,000,000,000,000 quadrillion dollar note costs $110 for 10 bills. You can, however, save yourself $100 and buy the quadrillion dollar note online for just $14.99 from another source.

He claims that buying and burning ancestor money is “one of the most loving ways” to continue honoring your dearly departed:

“Not legal tender in this dimension of reality, however in the human afterlife known as the spirit world is very similar to THIS WORLD. They have homes, cars, jobs, hospitals believe it or not. Ancestor money is a real currency that shows up in there world as MILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars. It is one of the most loving ways to continue your relationship with your dearly departed, instead of just memorializing them on a empty human level that do absolutely NOTHING to benefit them or yourselves.”

What spiritual teacher would be complete without their own line of spiritual bath products? Grills offers a Lord Ganesh spiritual empowerment bath, a Jade Emperor Money bath and a Kwan-Yin “karma booster” bath product.

He sells rituals and alters as well. If you were interested in increasing financial abundance you can purchase the “Mansa Musa Wealth RichYouAll” for $150. Get it? RichYouAll…Ritual.

Gano Grills is definitely still acting, albeit it’s in his self-made Galighticus movie

There are beacons too. Divine beacons. Imperial beacons. Double cosmic beacons. ArchAngel Michael beacons. They range from $750-$2,500 and claim to be “extremely powerful HyperNTR-EL vessels of magnificence.”

Finally, in case you were wondering, the Holy Oil is on sale. And in case you had any doubts about it’s validity, the oil has been blessed by a Shamanic Lumerian priest who’s been shadowed by Mother Mary since he was 14.

The Day is Coming

“144,00 souls asked to be set free from life and death on earth and go back to the CREATOR, through a rare event known as ascension. The Galighticus will be responsible for training these souls for that event.”

In a lucid dream, Gano Grills student RizRas encountered an alien spaceship. She was in East London with Grills and a few other students. As she looked up at the stars she noticed a middle cluster of stars looked different. She looked at Gano and he said “What do you think that is?” in a “knowing kind of way” she says. She realized what it was and said “Oh my god it’s a spaceship!” It then morphed into a pyramid shape with circuitry running through it, she explains. And then the spaceship came down from the heavens and the group stood staring at it. “It glowed with warm, moon like light” she says.

RizRaz recounting her dream

Gano recorded this account and posted it to his Youtube channel. It’s one of many dreams and visions of his followers that he uses to prop himself up as a divine being. These accounts prove his claims that he is a god sent here on a special mission he says. In her dream, he knew it was a spaceship. He knows they are destined for something greater than earthly living.

When Grills speaks about taking people off planet earth to where they “rightfully belong,” does he mean actually on a spaceship? It’d have to be huge. The world’s largest cruise ship only holds 3,600 people. Or perhaps he means in some sort of group exodus end game scenario? Either way, it’s not good.

“My job is to focus on getting the 144,000 off of the planet to be where they rightfully belong.”

“Our movement has experienced thousands of divine occurrences…We have now been led through everything that we have done our entire lives and through these past 6 years to the doorway of achieving a monumental feat through the Golden Chariot.”

Gano Grills claims that he is God, Thoth, Ganesh, fully enlightened, a high priest, a miracle worker, a healer, a world class spiritual advisor, a SRI Master. Grills believes Sri Lakshmi gave him a mission to take 144,000 people off planet earth. He is leading them to the promise land. Grills claims he is on a galactic council of 22 gods. His movement is the most powerful on earth. He can revive the dead and exorcise demons he says. His members bow at his feet. What could possibly go wrong?