The Gucci Guru: Inside Teal Swan’s Posh Cult

The Gucci Guru: Inside Teal Swan’s Posh Cult

Teal Swan, an emerging cult leader, claims she is a multi-dimensional Arcturian alien working with 11 other aliens in an “intergalactic Green Peace” type organization. She says she has x-ray vision and hearing, that she can inject herself into people’s brainstems to revive them and can hear tectonic plates moving. She has a massive following, many of whom, called “Tealers,” tattoo themselves with her symbol. Teal claims suicide is a “reset button” and that “death is delicious.” At least two of her followers have already committed suicide. Teal also claims to have suffered 13-years of abuse in a child-murdering Mormon Satanic Cult where she was routinely tortured, sewn into a corpse for 12 hours and made to torture other children.

By Be Scofield

March 8th, 2018

Gucci — “meaning cool or flashy.”

“I knew that I wanted to be famous and be on people’s television screens and be on stage. At a cellular level, I knew that I was destined to be a star performer.”

Teal Swan was made to be a star. She’s the sexy, sultry, spiritual, New Age sensation taking the world by storm. From Prague to LA she has captivated audiences with her musings. This sage is a fox and she knows it. Robes or modesty don’t apply. Mrs. Swan is empowered by stilettos and skin tight skirts. She says her feminism is found in glitter and gowns. Fast cars, fancy jewels and fabulous hotels are a must. Her mantra is makeup. Her mode is digital. World salvation is in her handbag. Fame is in her blood. Be warned though, dear seeker. Looks can be deceiving. Teal is masterfully using her sexuality and sensual appeal in service of her cult ambitions. She is powerful, seductive and dangerous. The Gucci Guru has arrived. The OS just got a makeover. Cult 2.0 is evolving.

Teal is a part of the ever changing face of modern spirituality. She is hot and bothered for all the right reasons — positive world change and personal transformation. What spiritual America lacked according to her was a glamorous starlet willing to sacrifice everything for the cause. Teal auditioned and got the part. Her character uses the allure of desirability to create a global spiritual movement. And now the reviews have just come in — she’s given the performance of a lifetime. The audience loved it. She’s an incredible actress. She’s so believable, vulnerable and real they report. And the Oscar goes to…Teal Swan for How to Steal a Mind. It’s the heist of a millennium. Audrey Hepburn, eat your heart out.

Teal Swan (top), Audrey Hepburn (bottom) in “How to Steal a Million” (1966)
“To me, there is nothing that compares to the authoritative feel of walking down a hallway in the perfect pair of stiletto high heels.”
“I love clothes. My closet is full of the most sensual fabrics in the most vibrant and rich of colors. They are part of the public image that I portray when I fly around the world to put on my performances.”

While other spiritual teachers may consider Teal’s focus on branding and performance to be superficial, she wholeheartedly embraces it. It’s actually a central part of her mission here on earth, “Before I even came down, there was an entire panel of Arcturian beings — 6th dimensional beings — who even chose the way I would look in this life.” We live in an attention based economy. They knew. Teal’s exceptional beauty and brilliant spiritual mind were literally a match made in extraterrestrial heaven.

Ever since she was young, Teal dreamt of being famous. And now that she has built a massive global following her dream seems to be materializing. HerYoutube channel has 434,000 subscribers and over 53 million views in total. That’s almost double the views of international best selling author and Oprah favorite Eckhart Tolle. She has 162,000 Facebook page likes, a Facebook group called “Teal Tribe” of 25,000 and over 60,000 followers on Instagram. Teal also has a monthly premium membership site that undoubtedly has thousands of subscribers. Her talks and workshops around the world regularly attract hundreds of people. She’s appeared on stage with Gabrielle Bernstein, been interviewed along side new age favorite JP Sears and has spoken at Kripalu Yoga Center. Her latest two books are onHay House publishing and she’s spoken at several of their “You Can Do It” conferences to packed audiences.

“I did not come to earth with a specific message. I came here as a course turner. I am the game changer.”

Teal claims her esoteric wisdom comes from having a direct connection to Source and extra sensory abilities that she was born with. A former member says, however, that Teal “had an extensive in home library of popular self-help, metaphysical, and pop psychology books in her house.” It’s hard to identify all of her sources but some include Byron Katie’s “The Work,” “Quantum Touch,” “What Color is Your Aura?,” “The Wisdom of the Enneagram,” Suzanne White’s “Chinese Astrology,” Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, “The Law of One” by Ra and books by author Michael Brown — who’s work she plagiarized for her book “The Completion Process.” A former friend says, “She Googles everything, none of her material is new material.”

“How do I have all this information? It’s because I’m extra sensory. I’m not limited to this dimension or time-space reality.”

As with Bentinho Massaro, the specifics of the teachings don’t matter, they are merely a tool to reach a goal. Teal admits this when talking about her larger business vision, “My goal is not to become what I already am, which is a spiritual guide, that is just a means to achieving my actual goals.

Teal Swan’s Quest For Global Domination

Teal’s long term global aspirations are vast. She states, “My intention is to build a company that is so large and so unstoppable that nothing can come up against it…[It will] implement many world changesThe investments can be used to lobby, or to buy countries. And then we can start doing these new societies.

“I will do whatever it takes to continue on with this world vision of mine. When I set out with this plan in mind, I knew that I would be risking death.”


“Until it [becomes] one of the wealthiest companies in the world. But not just a company, it would become like its own entity. An unstoppable monolith…”
“We are merely in phase one of the plan to institute positive world change. This company I have founded will grow to the point where it will rival the corporations that currently exist. It will eventually effect change on a governmental level.”
“Teal Eye, LLC. Our Mission: To Catalyze The Rise Of Consciousness In Man.”
“People who commit suicide — what you’ll see is that they’ve fulfilled their purpose because they are understanding — you know the higher self. Their source stream is understanding the concept of love. But they only unite with that love they have created when they commit suicide.”

A Commune in the Jungle

As part of her plan, Teal recently began leasing to own a center in Atenas, Costa Rica where she lives part of the time with 20 other people in an intentional community. She holds workshops and seminars in this new center where people come from all around the world to study with her. She claims that without this tribe of intentional community support she would have “offed” herself years ago. She says that she can no longer live in the U.S. given the hostility and backlash she faces from “haters.” She also claims to have gotten numerous death threats over the years.

A secret Facebook group called “Creating the life we want together in Costa Rica” described the venture as such:

“A group of like minded, heart connected beings who hold a strong intention of manifesting the New Earth in Costa Rica through intentional community and a heart based lifestyle. Divine creator, pioneers, healers, midwives. Authenticity and emotion are highly honored. Creating a physical safe space to relate to the world from.”
“Teal has studied various cult leaders down to a tee.” — Former member

We have added 7 members to our family. They are people from all over the world. Besides a common vision for positive world change, the web that weaves us together is the burning desire for a community to depend on and a group of people to call home.”

“Each person that I train to awaken is like a soldier for collective awakening…It feels like they are members of my army.”
Teal Swan at her center in Costa Rica
“I love nothing more than connecting with people in the audience through their eyes. It makes me feel like I do have a family among the people of the world. And by becoming well known, I’ve enabled them to finally find me.”

Cult 2.0

We’ve seen this movie before. The most recent version was Bentinho Massaro. Teal is the sequel that should have never been made. She exhibits all of the signs of the next influential cult leader. She’s charismatic, divinely appointed, has special powers, is persecuted, describes death as “delicious,” makes suicide easier, is grandiose and brilliant, creates a clear in group/out group, doesn’t tolerate criticism, is self-obsessed and has a martyr complex, encourages followers to tattoo themselves with her symbol, wants to create a global empire, is mentally unstable and has now isolated members in a foreign country. One former member even said she tried to get her members to hate their parents — another classic sign of cult behavior. Another one who used to live with her states, “Teal did not allow free thinking, questioning, or dissent of any sort when it came to her own little land of make-believe.”

“I’ve never met a crazier, more unstable person in my entire life. I just find her to be mentally ill, in my opinion she’s just very manipulative, pathologically manipulative.” — Former friend

A former friend describes how great of an actress Teal is:

“I was able to see what Teal was doing from very early on. It didn’t take long to notice how every piece of her life is carefully calculated. Her friendships, her interactions, her reasoning behind everything she does, her voice and every movement. It is designed to draw you in, to captivate you. She makes you believe that she is inside your head. She makes you believe that she sees the truth. The truth is, she likes the control and the power over other people.”
“In my childhood…[in] the cult that I was a part of, they put me in charge of mentally programming children. So I was the one that would bring them in, hook them up to electrodes, and torture them.”

Another former member, “She only ever seemed to exhibit a sustained fondness for sadistically, mentally, and emotionally picking people apart; being in front of a camera/audience; writing or talking incessantly about herself…”

As evidence of the mind games and manipulation Teal uses, she tried on several occasions to plant alien abduction stories into people’s minds:

“She convinced him that he was brutally sodomized and had spikes driven through his body by gray aliens. Teal walked him through an alleged abduction describing what had happened to him and his sister to the point he was SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER upstairs. He threw something and almost broke her sliding glass closet door. I was so scared when I heard him that I thought I was going to have to call 911. He seemed to me to be having a psychotic break.”
“Teal told me her cat, Cosmos, was actually a holographic soul projection from the planet Sirius, and he had been sending me telepathic images of my pancreas, to tell me that my blood sugar was off.”

More about Teal’s mental state:

“Being around Teal was like being in a never-ending drama-trauma cycle. Her emotions were always rapidly shifting. For instance: one minute she was giddy, doing cartwheels in the park; then, 15 minutes later, on the drive home, she became despondent, after claiming to have seen, on the side of the road, the ghost of a person who was ‘traumatically’ killed in a car accident. She acted depressed, claiming to have gone out of body, to help the ghost cross over.”
“And as soon as you question her, the mind games begin, and if that doesn’t work you are out. You cannot question Teal. She sees you and knows you better than you know yourself. Even if all you want is the truth, even if you would never judge her no matter the truth. The only problem is, the lies are becoming much worse and more manipulative.” — Former friend and member

This is new age narcissism and it’s dangerous — particularly when someone rises to the level of Teal and has the power to actually carry out her vision. She’s made a series of irresponsible, troubling and even racist remarks over the years. Undoubtedly, some of her followers are vulnerable and impressionable. People are at risk. Here is a list of 50 cult leader warning signs.

“I got lost in this horrendous neighborhood in New Jersey. I was really interested in watching these women. Most of them were African American women, a lot of them were really overweight. I wanted to tap into what they were feeling like…Some of them were actually feeling so hopeless that they were wanting rape.” (video below)


“I’m not limited to this dimension or time space reality”

“I am an expert in this field. I was born an extra sensory. How is it that I have the information that I have at 26, 29, 30 and now 33. How do I have all this information? It’s because I’m extra sensory. I’m not limited to this dimension or time space reality.”

“I am a revolutionary”

“The reality is, I’m a revolutionary in this field. Look at what happens to revolutionaries. What do you think happened with Martin Luther King? What do you think happened with Christ? What do you think happened with Gandhi? What’s happening with them is what’s happening with me.”

“If I stand up on stage someday and someone puts a bullet through my head, I have more attention.”

Disciples & Teachings

“I have people that live with me every day and if they were responsible for writing down my teachings they’d completely mess it up. Completely. The way that their consciousness is structured is not high enough right now to grasp those concepts.”

“This is a cult, and it will only get more and more dangerous.” — Former member

The Arcturian Diva

Teal claims that a panel of 6th dimensional beings chose the way she would look in this life so as to have mass appeal and to be more affective when carrying out her planetary mission.

“I am non-physical energy that is projected forth into an Arcturian body, an extraterrestrial body. Before I even came down there was an entire panel of Arcturian beings, 6th dimensional beings, who even chose the way I would look in this life. There will not be a person on the planet, regardless of what country you go to that does not perceive some level of attractiveness. Thus, they’ll pay attention. It’s sort of funny to feel like I’m a giant science project.”

She claims to be an alien:

Most people are the higher self and their human perspective; two points of perspective. I’m three — human, extraterrestrial, and nonphysical.
“One of the first things Teal told me was that she was an alien.” — Former friend

In this video clip Teal claims there are about 2,000 Arcturians on the planet, 11 of which she knows and is working closely with in an organization that is like an “intergalactic Green Peace.”

Teal also claims that the real rulers of the planet are a hostile alien race.

In this video Teal says she loves to astral travel to “Lyra,” a constellation of multiple different planets. “The minute you touch down you can bring with you your thoughts from this life” she claims.

The term “Arcturian” comes from author Edgar Cayce. He claimed they were one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy.

Teal Swan’s Superpowers

Teal Swan shared this fan artwork on social media. CP means “Completion Process’ which is her method.

As a central claim to her authority Teal says that she is a multi-dimensional being who has special powers.

“Force myself in through the brain stem”

Teal claims to “spend most of my nights consciously out of body working as a kind of universal tool for consciousness.” She has travelled to Iraq, the Ukraine and Africa among other places. One time she “was inquiring with a convention of beings about relationships and dependency. I could not believe what I found out.” Another night she spent on the edge between the eleventh and twelfth dimensions, “it was almost like sitting on the edge of a comforting black hole.”

In a blog post she describes how she astral travelled to Africa one night and saved the life of a young girl in labor in the hospital:

“Then, I did what I so often do to help people stay physically alive… I assume the frequency of their energy field and force myself in through their brain stem, so as to activate the part of their brain which is in charge of breathing (and other autonomic functions like the heart beat). This allows them a channel back into their body.”

She waited for the girls’ “consciousness stream” to be activated and then watched her breathe on her own. She then witnessed “her bleeding slow to the point where I could be sure she would wake back up to the physical dimension.”

X-Ray Vision and Hearing

In this video Teal explains how acute her sensory perception is:

“Based on where my bed is positioned in the room I can actually catch radio channels. That’s how bad my extra-sensory stuff is. I had a bed at my last place where if I rolled two centimeters to the left or right I was actually listening to play by plays of a football game that was going on on a radio channel.

In her blog post “How I See the World” she explains her supernormal powers:

“When I meet a person, I am able to see their bones, organs, nerves, veinsetc.”
I do not see negative space (what many people call air). Instead, everything looks like energy with no spaces in between. Every energy field bleeds into every other energy field creating one huge existence of inter-being.”
I can hear tectonic plates moving… Full moons are very, very loud to me. I hate the sound of cotton balls (a sound I gather many people can’t hear).”
“I can hear thought forms. Imagine trying to have a romantic relationship with someone, when you can visually see their thoughts…[Thoughts] have become a configuration, shape or visual appearance and may manifest in a non-static way.”
“Imagine trying to make a phone call and having entities in the area tap into the signal or electric current.”
“I can see the future. I have prophetic visions and dreams.”

A Reincarnated Master, Sai Baba

Teal claims to be the reincarnation of Indian guru Sai Baba. In this clip she describes how spiritual teachers decide when to come to earth and how she made her decision.

“Often spiritual teachers are a grouping of consciousness. So, when one consciousness continues to a next life then sometimes only a portion of those soulstreams will continue and these ones will not, they’ll go into other incarnations. That’s what I decided to do. That’s why I did not participate in Satya Sai Baba. There was a major rift that happened.”

Sex appeal

Teal is undoubtedly using her sexuality and sensual appeal in service of her cult ambitions. One former member who used to live with her explains, “Teal’s sexual allure is all part of the strange hold she uses to control and manipulate the people in her sphere…Everyone in that group either had a previous or current sexual relationship with Teal, or they admitted to wanting one with her.”

A member who used to live with her:

“She is obsessed with sex. It’s grotesque. With all the constant talk of sex in the house I was sick to my stomach often hearing these things…Teal has an overtly sexual nature. I quickly learned that nobody in her presence for long is exempt from hearing her gloating tales meant to illustrate her sexual prowess. She even made a couple of passes at me just to test the waters. These passes consisted of several vulgar and aggressively blunt sexual remarks addressed to me at different times. They seemed like tests for her to gauge how I would respond.”

I asked someone with knowledge of Teal’s background if she engages sexually with her followers and they said yes, “She definitely sleeps with her followers and it’s public knowledge. She married two, dated at least one. They find her on YouTube, become enthralled and then involve themselves in workshops and so on.”


There are numerous extravagant terms that Teal has used to refer to herself:

“Spiritual Authority”, “Revolutionary”, “Leader of the New Age”, “Guru”, “Oracle”, “Seer”, “Spiritual Catalyst”, “Therapist”, “Internationally Recognized Spiritual Leader”, “Spiritual Guide”, “Social Media Star”, “YouTube Sensation”, “Star Performer”, “New Thought Leader”, “Game Changer”, “Savant”, “God.”
“I am a master at mental chess. I play mind games with people.”

Troubling Statements

Teal has made numerous irresponsible statements, unsupported health claims and offensive remarks over the years. Her followers look up to her and trust her, many believing that she is a more highly evolved and thus wiser being. What she says matters. It goes without saying that people should seek a qualified professional for mental and physical conditions. Teal has no formal training or licensure in any sort of mental health field. She was fined in the state of Utah for practicing therapy without a license.

“The Suicide Catalyst”

“What suicide is, is pushing the reset button. It’s not a good or bad decision in and of itself. It’s not something that source either condones or condemns. You cannot say that suicide is wrong without also saying that death is wrong…There is nothing wrong with suicide.”

In April of 2015 a long term member of Teal’s group, who went by the name I.T. committed suicide. He posted in the Teal Tribe Facebook group before doing so. He said, “I actually think I might suicide today. I’ve attempted it enough times for it to be comfortable. And if it doesn’t happen today: Probably soon.” A few days after he died an admin posted about him saying he was a “valued member of this group and was part of the Teal Tribe family for some time.”

A few years ago one of Teal’s clients committed suicide. A former member describes Teals surprising reaction:

“In 2013, our friend Leslie committed suicide. I met her earlier that year and didn’t know her well, but she would reach out when she was sad. It struck me as odd when Teal, her husband and I were sitting there talking about it that her reaction was to say (in paraphrase) ‘I am not upset because she’s dead, I am upset about the fact that I lost a client and it could hurt my credibility.’ It blew me away. And I just sat there.”

Teal claimed that this client was beyond hope, “There’s nothing that any healer could ever do for that type of vibration which is totally fine. From source energy there’s nothing wrong with death from that perspective. So, she chose to commit suicide.” There were of course several things Teal could have done to try and intervene. She then went on to claim the client reincarnated into a similar family situation just two days later while the audience laughed.

In this exchange, a participant on stage tells Teal that her sister killed herself on New Years Eve. Teal awkwardly responds by saying “Just in time for my video,” referring to a video that she had made on suicide at the time.

“You’ve been thinking about it, but not really consciously. This time, what I’m going to encourage you to do is to consciously imagine committing suicide.”

“We have to decide whether we are going to commit to life or not. Let me remind that death is not wrong, so make this decision based on the truth of what you want instead of what you think is right to want.”

When describing the potential risks of her Completion Process method she states, “The number one risk I would say with this process is self-injury and potentially suicide.”

Teal seemingly endorses suicide here by suggesting it alines with the higher self and love:

“People who commit suicide — what you’ll see is that they’ve fulfilled their purpose because they are understanding — you know the higher self. Their source stream is understanding the concept of love. But they only unite with that love they have created when they commit suicide.”

One former member describes how Teal tried to manipulate her, “Teal immediately jumped to trying to convince me that I was suicidal (despite the fact that I wasn’t and had never been suicidal before). I explained this, to her, and she went so far as to tell me that I was ‘passively suicidal’ instead, and informed me that I was ‘uncommitted to life.’”

All of these comments are made in the context of an audience that contains people who are struggling or suicidal. Teal admits this herself, “I receive several suicidal e mails a day (about ten a day in fact).”

Society & Politics


In this video she describes feeling the energy of a poor neighborhood in New Jersey, “I got lost in this horrendous neighborhood in New Jersey. I was really interested in watching these women. Most of them were African American women, a lot of them were really overweight. I wanted to tap into what they were feeling like…Some of them were actually feeling so hopeless that they were wanting rape.”

In a video where she is describing how she was made to look beautiful for people on every continent by the Arcturians she contrasts herself with a woman from Africa claiming “A really beautiful woman down in Africa may come up to the U.S. and be considered pretty ugly.”

In a blog post she uses offensive and prejudice language about the people of Costa Rica, “People who live in a primitive state, more like animals in their behavior than people…Or the sexual aggression of so many of the men here…Or the fact that most people here are so relaxed that they operate on a time system all their own and do not seem to bothered by meeting standards of any kind.”

When Teal posted a picture of custom made booty shorts with the word “Paramahamsa” on them some people cried foul. The term is a Hindu word for revered masters in the tradition. It literally means the enlightened one or “Supreme Swan.”


In this clip Teal claims that Hitler was the greatest contributor to world peace, “If you are on the highest vibrational level looking at this planet the person who added to peace more than anyone else on this planet is Hitler. Because no one was thinking about world peace until he came along.”

Questioner: “Isn’t there something wrong with Hitler? Intrinsically, wasn’t the guy a sort of bad apple?”
Teal Swan: “On a universal perspective, hell no. He was exactly what everyone had asked for.”

It’s OK to Kill Someone

Question: “So you’re saying that killing someone is ok? How can that be when it’s a destruction of the human body without divine intervention?”

Teal: “It’s not right for you. I can tell because of the way that made you feel. When I say it’s ok to kill somebody, because it’s not right for you it will not feel good to you.”

Death is “Delicious”

There are two known suicides in Teal’s community, Leslie and I.T., both mentioned above. Given this and Teal’s cult ambitions these statements by her are concerning:

Death is such a liberation that you would give it to yourself.”
“You could live in a human body indefinitely, but would you choose to if you knew the deliciousness of the new perspective?”
“Very first thing is that we have to decide whether we are more committed to death or more committed to life. If we are more apathetic we are passively committing suicide.”
“So when you die it’s like lining up with the best food you’ve ever eaten, and the lover who you’ve always wanted, and I mean I could list this whole thing — everything you’ve ever wanted from your life, you line up with.”
We shouldn’t just assume that living is always right, and there’s no point really honestly in like being on this planet specially from the universal perspective. There’s no point in really being on this planet if we’re going to be dragging ourselves to be here all the time.”
Let me remind you that death is not wrong so make this decision based on the truth of what you want instead of what you think is right to want.”
Death feels wonderful no matter who you are, no matter what you have done in your physical life.”

Projected Martyrdom

The blessing of people like myself who were born incapable of coping with the current world is that we have only one decision to make… Willingly die to leave the world or willingly alter the world.”
“If I stand up on stage someday and someone puts a bullet through my head I have more attention.”
What blew my mind when I went out to look at my thousands upon thousands of these life path potentials for my future, I was a match to the very gruesome public murder in every single one of them. . . Jesus opted for public execution, for example. Would we even know who he was today, if it wasn’t for that death. Who knows? . . . If I had a guarantee 100% that what I am doing in the world and the change I am trying to make — would it only work if I got killed, would I still do it? And would I stick to that life path and the answer is ‘yes’.”

Victim Blaming

“The victim is every much responsible for what they experience as the perpetrator is because we are the ones putting ourselves by virtue of our thoughts which make us a match to a perpetrator.”

Teal claims that her artwork can heal people


Teals videos and writings are filled with irresponsible claims about physical and mental health.

Autoimmune Disease

“I’ll explain autoimmune disease. Below all autoimmune disease is that he persons strategy to safe in their childhood is to turn against themselves. This is self hate to the extreme.”

The Cause of All Mental Illness

“Mental Illness is always the result of you thinking thoughts which vibrate at a frequency that is very low. So you’re focusing on things that do not feel emotionally good to you. That is the cause of every single mental illness. It has nothing to do with the brain.”

The Cause of Obesity

In her blog post “The Cause of Obesity” Teal explains how people become overweight:

“When someone develops an excess of body weight, most especially in the form of fat, it is always done to cope with a fear. When it comes to obesity, that fear is the fear of humiliation and shame. At the heart of every single case of obesity is this particular fear. It is not a fear of something unknown; rather it is a fear of something known.”

According to WebMD, “Obesity is a complex disease for which no single cause or cure exists.” They go on to list a variety of contributing factors including lifestyle, genetics, diet, exercise, trauma and medical conditions or medication usage.

Purify Blood With Light

In speaking about potential things her company may invest in she describes a new machine. She says, “I’ve watched blood being filtered out of the body completely through a high frequency light that structurizes (sic) the liquid in the blood. It completely purifies the blood and then it’s fed back into the body.”

Branding 2.0

Teal takes “branding” to the next level. She encourages her followers to literally brand themselves by tattooing the Seal of Alchemy on their bodies. It’s the symbol that has come to represent Teal and her tribe. These devotees call themselves “Teal Tribers,” “Tealers” or the “Teal Army.”

“When you are a teacher or a leader, or a politician or an artist, the brand you are marketing is YOU. This means that your most valuable asset is your image.” — Teal

“And there I stood, a teacher of alchemy on the world stage, with the seal of alchemy etched into my left arm. I have arrived at court finally.”

The Mormon Satanic Cult

Teal claims she was sewed into a corpse as part of the abuse she faced in the cult she was in while young, “He’d take me into the mortician’s office late at night, and when I was about, I’d say, eight years old, he ended up sewing me into a body, and leaving me there for about twelve hours.” Some people actually asked two different morticians and they both said there is no way for an 8-year old girl to be sewed into a body. It’s just not physically possible.

Her entire story is so outlandish and incredible that just on face value it’s hard to believe. It appears she is just listing every horrible thing that could ever happen in a satanic cult.

“For the thirteen years that followed, I was systematically and progressively separated from my family, I was tortured physically and sexually in rituals, forced to participate in sacrifices, raped, forced to eat and drink out of dog bowls, forced to undergo 3 abortions (all fathered by my principal abuser himself who was in his sixties at the time). He performed them himself with veterinary equipment, which is why I had such a hard time conceiving my son. I was photographed for sadomasochistic pornography, sold for money to men for sex out of outdoor gas station bathrooms and motel rooms, kept in basements, kept in a plank covered hole in the ground in my abuser’s back yard, exposed to electro-shock programming, forced to undergo isolation torture, left overnight tied up in lava caves in southern Idaho. I was forced to participate in bestiality and necrophilia, drugged by my abuser with Ketamine, Dormator, Xylazine, opiates, peyote and speed (all of which he had unlimited access to due to being a vet). I was chased through the Idaho and Utah wilderness by my abuser who loved to “play” tracking games in which he would hunt me, and if I won, I got a reward, if I lost, I was either raped, or he would “count coup” by making cut marks on my rib cage. I was used as a lure to other children that ended up being hurt or on occasion killed by the cult group. And the list could go on. But this experience is still something that seriously affects my life today. On one hand it is obvious that I would not be doing the job I am doing today around the world if it wasn’t for this experience. On the other hand, a life that is spent in a constant state of recovery from the past is a difficult life.”

Those who have investigated this story thoroughly have found no supporting evidence for any of her claims. Supposedly, 7 children were murdered, kids were tortured and Teal went through all of this for 13 years. This would have occurred from around 1990–2003. It’s not that long ago. It shouldn’t be hard to corroborate the story.

Apparently this character is based on a real person who Teal briefly knew. He’s actually a veterinarian who’s been married for 35 years and has no criminal track record. Her family had him around briefly to help with some behavioral problems that she was having.

One former friend says Teal is a serial liar:

“She is dedicated to running this facade that was her supposed childhood abuse between two cults by a man called “Doc”. I have seen the lies form right before my very eyes. I have seen the story change again and again. I have seen details edited out because she found out it wasn’t possible, I have seen both her and Blake back out of interviews that might be too difficult or in which they might feel cornered.
I have seen Teal lie about her extra-sensory abilities, claims that she cured people from cancer, claims that she travels out of body to prevent certain situations.”


“She’s a fabulist and a confabulator, and I would call her a mythomaniac. She makes up stories.”

Her story of suffering is central to her entire story as a teacher. Without her claims of special powers and great suffering in this cult what would any of her authority rest on?

The End

“I don’t care I don’t care whether I die. . . . I can tell you.”

Bentinho Massaro was stopped right as he was about to buy land in Sedona and carry out his vision of building a city. 18 days after I published “Tech Bro Guru: Inside the Sedona Cult of Bentinho Massaro” he fled Sedona. He shut down his operations, left his two homes and his followers and went into hiding. He didn’t even tell his staff where he went. In the end he was unable to carry out his master vision.

Teal has is now trying to permanently relocate to a new center in Atenas, Costa Rica where she lives some of the time with her “family” and intentional community. She, like Bentinho has carried out the first phase of building up her cult but now has found a new location. And furthermore, it is in a foreign country where members are much more isolated.

“Today, when I look at the life that I lead, it is not so different from the one that I dreamed up for myself back then. I stand up on stage. I sing to audiences in my own way.”

Any observer of this story must seriously ask, “where is all of this heading?” Teal claims omnipotence and superpowers, has grandiose visions of world domination, makes alarming statements about suicide and is clearly self-obsessed and unstable. All the warning signs are present. The writing is on the wall. As one former friend of hers said, “The lies are becoming much worse and more manipulative.” Again, be warned as looks can be deceiving. As Audrey Hepburn says, “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair.”