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Love Has Won Cult Kicked Off Kauai After Fleeing Crestone

Love Has Won cult leader Amy Carlson, who claims to be Jesus, was kicked off of Kauai after locals protested her cult for three days. Carlson yelled “I”m Pele” at the locals and her members claimed the protestors were practicing voodoo and witchcraft. Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami spoke to the cult leaders and addressed the protestors.


September 7th, 2020

After several days of protesting, Kauai residents were able to force out a bizarre cult called Love Has Won. The group recently moved to a beach vacation rental in Wainiha after fleeing from Crestone, Colorado when they were exposed by the Guru Magazine. About 15 members had flown to Kauai and were in various phases of the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Maui 24/7 reported that the two cult leaders flew to Maui Sunday evening but Maui Mayor Mike Victorino told them they were not welcome and offered them flights to San Francisco which they accepted. The Garden Island reported that the remaining 15 cult members received a police escort from the Kauai Inn to the airport.

Love Has Won cult members receiving a police escort to the Kauai airport

Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami visited with leaders from the cult on Saturday. Speaking to a crowd of people gathered in front of the cult’s vacation rental, he said he told the leaders they’d face the same type of resistance anywhere on the island. He also said he offered the group assistance to leave the island. “I do not want them to move from this neighborhood to another neighborhood,” he told the group.

Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami speaks with protestors after talking with Love Has Won cult leaders

Over 100 people gathered Friday evening in front of the cult’s oceanside rental home. They held signs, sang songs, and lit bonfires on the beach to “smoke” them out. The cult’s car and widows of the rental home were smashed overnight. At least eight police vehicles and a fire truck were on scene.

“I do not want them to move from this neighborhood to another neighborhood.”

-Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami

Cult leader Amy Carlson shouted “I’m Pele bitch” and “fuck you whores” as locals surrounded the beach rental. Cult member Peter Daglish commented during the group’s livestream that local Hawaiians protesting were “possessed with witchcraft and voodoo.” Member Ryan Kramer said that Hawaiians were in denial that Pele had returned. Member Kareem Jackson told local Hawaiians in comments they “did not take care of the island, so Pele has returned to correct this.”

“We’ve been through a lot together and take great pride in protecting the sacredness, safety, and health of our community,” local Kauai protestor Elsa Almaraz said.

The protests continued over the weekend until all seven cult members in the rental home were escorted out by the police. Residents followed behind the cult and coordinated their efforts on Facebook tracking them to the airport.

Carlson claims to be “Mother God” sent here to save the earth from destruction along with 144,000 chosen ones. She claims to be Jesus and to have been Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, and Marylin Monroe. Carlson has convinced hundreds of followers who watch the groups twice-a-day Facebook livestreams that Donald Trump was her father thousands of years ago when she was Queen of Lemuria. She and her followers claim to be in regular contact with deceased actor Robin Williams, whom they claim is an Archangel named Zadkiel assisting their mission.

Former members claim she is an alcoholic drug user who has brainwashed her followers. She appears incoherent, slurring her speech, and asking for tequila in videos. Carlson and her co-leader Jason Castillo can often be seen screaming, cursing, and acting erratically on camera. Many were upset when Carlson posted a video of her abusing and screaming at a cat.

A Love Has Won follower recently left his wife and children to be with the group, only to be discovered naked and nearly dead in the desert after just a day with the cult.

At 1:15 in this video compilation cult leader Amy Carlson says she is Pele.

Carlson and Castillo were seen in video abusing a follower while quarantined at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kapa’a. The three were kicked out after the hotel had been alerted.

The story has generated buzz on the islands with reporting from Honolulu’s Civil Beat and Kauai’s Garden Island being the most-read stories over the weekend.

Love Has Won is the subject of a two-part Dr. Phil Show scheduled to air September 14th and 15th. According to members, the cult leader Amy Carlson tells Dr. Phil that she is Jesus in the show.

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