LEAK: Deputy Wayne Clark Fired for "Criminal Extortion"

LEAK: Deputy Wayne Clark Fired for "Criminal Extortion"

Saguache Sheriff Dan Warwick told the public Deputy Wayne Clark was fired for not filing reports. Leaked documents show he was fired for “fabricating an investigation” and “criminal extortion.”

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November 8th, 2021

On June 30th 2020, Deputy Wayne Clark of the Saguache Sheriff’s department was fired for “official misconduct.” The Crestone Eagle reported that Clark “skipped town” and did not appear for his arraignment scheduled a month later on July 29th.

Deputy Clark oversaw the investigations of the deaths of several women including Kristal Reisinger, Brandy Bishop and Brandi Atkins Maminakis. It’s been five years since Reisinger disappeared and Saguache Sheriff department has failed to accomplish much of anything in regards to her case. Deputy Clark served the Crestone and Saguache area for five years before being terminated.

The Guru Magazine has previously published exclusive bodycam footage of the Saguache County Sheriff department’s raid on the Love Has Won cult where the deceased body of leader Amy Carlson was found.

Allegations of corruption and negligence have followed Wayne Clark (and Saguache Sheriff’s department) for years. Leaked documents obtained exclusively by the Guru Magazine reveal for the first time the details behind deputy Wayne Clark’s firing.

“Do you want to get Wayne in trouble, or a lot of trouble?” Sheriff Dan Warwick asked “Paul.” He had just explained to Dan how Wayne was making up an investigation against him so he wouldn’t have to pay him money that he owed. Paul didn’t know how to answer Warwick’s question, nor did he think he should be the one to decide what type of trouble Clark got in.

In an exclusive interview “Paul” described what happened. “Wayne told me he had got this brand new pistol,” he told me. “He said he wanted $600 for it.” He gave Wayne the $600 but then Wayne called off the sale. “Hey man, I can’t sell you the pistol. You’re under investigation,” Wayne told him. Paul was confused as he knew he had no reason to be under investigation.

“When can I get my money back?” Paul asked. “My old lady spent the money on bills,” Wayne texted him. Finally, Wayne left $100 on his porch in an envelope and told Paul to pick it up. But Paul said it felt weird, like he was being setup.

“You’re name got put down on paper,” Wayne texted him. “Always rumors before but no one actually putting stuff down.” He told Paul he hadn’t turned the investigation over yet.


Text messages showing Wayne Clark fabricating an investigation for money

“Crazy, I’m at a total loss. I haven’t [done] freaking anything,” Paul texted back. “It’s fucked up because cuz I haven’t done anything, you know I’ve been doing real good.”

“Chatting with a few of your friends,” Wayne texted him.

Wayne never paid Paul the remaining $500 that he owned him so Paul contacted Sheriff Dan Warwick.

Saguache Sheriff Dan Warwick

Exclusively leaked emails reveal that Warwick contacted district attorney’s office chief investigator Harry Alejo asking for an outside investigation due to the conflict of interest in the Saguache office. Center Police Chief Eugene Meek then got involved as a neutral party and spent several weeks in June investigating.

Email from Sheriff Dan Warwick to Harry Alejo

Deputy Meek concluded, “The statement of [Paul] with the related text messages provide a solid belief that deputy Clark is engaged in a form of criminal extortion.” On several occasions he referred to Clark as having “fabricated an investigation” against [Paul].

Eugene Meek’s Police Report
“Deputy Clark is engaged in a form of criminal extortion.”

The arrest affidavit obtained exclusively by the Guru Magazine states: “Deputy Clark, a public servant, with the intent to obtain benefit in the form of cash for a weapon maliciously caused harm to [Paul] by withholding the money and the agreed upon purchased firearm…The statement of [Paul] with the related text messages provide a solid belief that Deputy Clark is engaged in a form of official misconduct. Deputy Clark, without legal authority and with the intent to induce [Paul] not to ask Deputy Clark for further funds to be returned in the attempted purchase of a .45 Springfield XD, fabricated an investigation on [Paul]….”

The arrest affidavit for Wayne Clark

The Center-Post Dispatch reported in July that at the time of Clark’s firing Sheriff “Warwick attributed Clark’s dismissal overall to ‘cumulative issues,’ noting that reports also were not being completed in a timely manner and cases were not being fully investigated.” He never mentioned the reason for Clark’s firing was criminal extortion.

Paul had been good friends with Wayne for two years. “We’d text daily,” he told me. He was shocked he’d ruin a friendship over $600.

Arrest warrant for Wayne Clark

The Guru Magazine has asked Dan Warwick to look into specific behavior of Deputy Wayne Clark surrounding the Kristal Reisinger investigation. Warwick responded, “It is concerning. I’ll look into it.” A month later Warwick refused to respond to follow up emails about how his investigation is going into Clark’s previous odd and negligent behavior. What other criminal activities did Wayne Clark engage in? Who else did he extort? Why isn’t Warwick investigating? How many previous incidents had Warwick been made aware of?

Why did Dan Warwick lie about the reason for firing Wayne Clark?

Any case that Deputy Wayne Clark oversaw or was significantly involved in should be reviewed and reevaluated, but this is not being done as far as is known. This includes the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger, and the deaths of Brandy Bishop and Brandy Maminakis. An outside agency should investigate to preserve neutrality and ensure fairness.

Do you have any stories of Wayne Clark or the Saguache Sheriff’s corruption or negligence? The Guru Magazine has uncovered many examples of Clark’s negligence. Please email: bescofieldreporter @ gmail.com with information.


Eugene Meek’s Police Report

Wayne Clarks’ Text Messages Showing Criminal Extortion

Arrest Affidavit and Arrest Warrant

Dan Warwick Emails