LEAK: Psycho Baroz Murder Details

LEAK: Psycho Baroz Murder Details

Leaked documents reveal new details of the murders Psycho Adre Baroz is charged with, including that of Crestone local Zeven Garcia.

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November 15th, 2021

A FIRE BURNED HOT AT an abandoned home about 1.5 hours south of Crestone in the town of Lasauses. “Psycho” Adre Baroz and three of his criminal associates stared blankly into the flames in the pit before them. “After they burned the girls, they all took pieces of the meat and ate it,” exclusively leaked documents to the Guru Magazine reveal. “Ponch [said] it was weird at first, that Blaze was puking, and Ponch was eating a sandwhich and it didn’t bother him. According to Ponch the meat tasted like charcoal.”

The leaked documents also shed more light on what happened to Crestone local Zeven Garcia. Garcia had been an associate of Baroz and was regularly selling a half pound to one pound of meth for him according to a source.

“Psycho shot the driver of the truck [Zevan] once in the chest and then shot him once in the head,” a witness in the leaked documents states. Another account from the documents states, “He said he witnessed an unknown male party [Zevan] get out of a pick-up truck at which Psycho shot the individual in the chest. [Zevan] fell to the ground and then Psycho walked up to the individual, stood over [Zevan] and shot the individual a second time.”

“The last time I talked to Zevan he told me about a tractor he had stolen from Psycho,” Zevan’s mother told me. She said Zevan had gone to retrieve $2,500 for the tractor the day he was killed. Psycho’s arrest affidavit says, “Selena was burned in the hole and the hole was later covered up by the use of a tractor that was stolen by [Zevan].”

According to close sources, Zeven had kept three fingers from the bodies Psycho had killed and stolen one of the burn barrels where bodies had been burned in. He had returned to Psycho’s to pick up meth and heroin and to get paid for having helped dispose of two women’s bodies that Psycho killed. Psycho thought Zeven was going to snitch since he had stolen the burn barrel. The source said this was the reason Zeven was killed.

Psycho and his associates “chopped up” and dismembered bodies, placing them into plastic boxes, moved body parts around and would burn them according to what has been reported. “Psycho was keeping souvenirs, Psycho would keep fingers,” the leaked documents reveal. They also reveal Psycho “playing with” the head of one of his victims. One of the informants told detectives he had learned about Psycho “raping and killing girls.”

In 2019 Baroz was charged with drugging a woman with methamphetamines and raping her.

Before killing one of his victims “Psycho asked Gato to turn on a song which he said was his song,” according to the leaked documents. Gato is Psycho’s brother Julius Baro who was also arrested.

The documents reveal never before published graphic details of some of the murders.

“Zevan got caught up in drugs and money…he was stealing cars to make money,” his mother told me. “Zevan was also forced, like other people, to do some things so against their will and soul that he more or less lost the willpower to live…There were always rumors my son knew where bones were.”

In November 2020, Psycho Baroz was arrested in Gallup New Mexico with $50,000 worth of meth and heroin on him. Baroz told the authorities he was a drug dealer and had weapons on him to protect him. Psycho is currently charged with five murders.

Psycho Baroz, Zeven Garcia and Isaiah Garcia are all part of the same Crestone area underworld drug scene that Kristal Reisinger was involved in when she disappeared in 2016. The place where Reisinger was last seen, Catfish John Keenan’s house, is also connected to Psycho Baroz and other central figures in the drug scene.