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"Love Has Won" Cult Make Racist, Pro-Nazi, Holocaust-Denying Statements

Be Scofield is the author of the new book Hunting Lucifer: One Reporter's Search for Cults and Demons which explains the backstory of reporting on Love Has Won. Her cult reporting is mentioned in the NY Times, Rolling Stone, and People, and has been turned into HBO, Netflix, Dr. Phil, VICE, and more.


May 7th, 2021

A shocking new video compilation of the Love Has Won cult has emerged with many racist, pro-nazi, and anti-Semitic statements. The Reddit user who posted the video said it wasn’t hard to find the clips as the group regularly “spews this garbage.”

“A lot of Jews became bankers,” says prominent member Lauren Suarez in one clip. “That was their thing. They wanted everyone else to do the work and they would take the money. So part of the idea behind the concentration camps was just to teach them to work.” Ashley then chimed in. “There’s actually old photos, I found them on Google,” she states. “You can look up pictures of the concentration camps. They had movie theatres. It was supposed to be a retreat type thing for the Jews.”

“It’s the same thing with the Jews. Hitler knew the truth. Hitler was trying to stop them.” – Ashley Peluso

“This bargain programming, it’s all Jew shit,” co-leader Jason Castillo says in one clip as Ryan Kramer boasts a wide smile. “I love no fucking Jew that is hurting Mom,” Castillo says in a different clip. “That name. Fuck off. Fucking whore taking piece of shit,” he says. “Just the Jewish people carrying that energy on,” leader Amy Carlson says in another clip.

Castillo can also be heard saying the N-word multiple times in clips. “There’s nowhere to hide, cockroach. A [N-word]. That’s what a cockroach is. An [N-word].”

Caution: Video contains extremely graphic content including use of the N-word

In another clip Ashley Peluso claims Hitler was killed because he didn’t want to join the cabal’s banking system. “Hitler didn’t want to go into the same banking system as the cabal. He didn’t want to join their mafia, so they took him out and they blamed him. They are the ones who bombed the concentration camps, created dysfunction, lied, faked the numbers, they did it to themselves and blamed it on them just like they lie about Trump.”

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In one segment, Bobby, who is now regularly on the livestreams, compares what happened to Trump with Hitler. “Isn’t it pretty much like they did to Hitler what they did to Trump?” she states. “Yep. It’s exactly what they did,” Dylan says. Bobby continues. “They totally stole his life and tried to make him into this evil, horrible person and it was fake news, basically.”

Several clips reveal Ashley Peluso making derogatory comments about black people. “Because of the programming that they instilled in black people that makes them out of control,” Ashley says in one clip. “Did they choose to do this with George Floyd? Whatever the fuck happened with that, we don’t care,” she says in another. “Why does this woman deserve it? Because she’s black? What did she do to earn it? Cry? What’d they do about it? Complained? Bitched, moaned that they were suppressed and got money?”

“It’s the same thing with the Jews,” says Peluso. “Hitler knew the truth. Hitler was trying to stop them. The holocaust…It’s like. If you were to look a hundred years in the future they would do the same thing to Trump as they did to Hitler. They would totally skew it and say he was an evil, white supremacist dictator. That’s what they did to Hitler.”

“There’s details that go along with it,” John Robertson says referring to Hitler. “It’s not what you know. It’s not what you’ve been told.”

“All lives Matter,” says Bobby. “Black Lives Matter is a cult.”